More than ever, the importance of sustainability and protecting fragile ecosystems are taking centre stage. With World Environment Day on Sunday, 5th June, we are proud to be part of the journey to make the world greener and more sustainable.

Vision One has taken the Net Zero Pledge set up by the MRS Sustainability Council created in 2020.

To help us achieve our ambitious goals, we have enlisted the support of the Investors in the Environment accreditation scheme. We are working towards ‘Bronze’, and then ‘Silver’, to hopefully achieve ‘Green’ accredited status by 2024.

Hello, my name’s Tony Lewis, and I’m the CEO and founder of the award-winning insight agency Vision One – and I’m here at our UK offices in Liverpool.

We’re all beginning to realise the enormity of the current climate crisis and last year, the UK Market Research Society, our governing body, launched the Net Zero Pledge – a commitment which calls for insight organisations to become Net-Zero by 2026.

The pledge also requires publishing carbon emissions, collaborating across the industry and encouraging both clients and employees to get involved.​

Like many of our clients, we’re very serious about meeting our commitment. So, we sought the support of Investors in the Environment, an environmental accreditation scheme to help us achieve our goal.

We’ve just started our journey and we’re currently working towards bronze accreditation, then Silver and then ultimately GREEN​ which we hope to achieve within the next two years.

There are many ways we can be more sustainable, and we are committed to tackling the issue through various initiatives;

  • Such as hybrid working​ and promoting greener commuting
  • Reducing travel by focusing on online research and online focus groups whenever possible​
  • Promoting a paperless culture, avoiding single-use plastics and better Waste Recycling​

But we’re also taking steps with our consumer panel The Lounge​ and raising the climate crisis message with the public. We are planting a tree for every 100 completed surveys and we’re also planting a tree for every focus group we do. We are convinced all these initiatives will ultimately make a difference and hope others will join our quest.

Thanks for your interest, and a special thank you to the clients who continue to support us.

We are committed to implementing steps to combat climate change by mitigating any impact our business has on the environment by promoting hybrid working, running online focus groups, going paperless and reducing waste and recycling. We are raising the profile of the climate change message through our consumer panel, The Lounge, with our pledge to plant a tree for every 100 surveys completed. We also help our clients on their journey to be sustainable by planting a tree for every focus group we run. So far, we have planted 40 trees for clients, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are proud of the positive steps we have taken and those we shall implement in the future to make the world a better place.

Our Net Zero Champion

Mollie Hannigan is our Sustainability and Net Zero Champion, and you can contact her here with any questions or for more information. We would also love to hear from any other sustainable organisations that share our commitment to being Net Zero.

Mollie Hannigan Sustainability

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