Virtual Shopping Research

Virtual Shopping and the virtual shelf Vision One

Virtual Shopping Research

Packaging Development and Optimisation

Bringing Packaging Research to Life

Vision One’s market-leading pack design research service - PackProbe - incorporates simulated shopping with innovative Virtual Shopping animation - it’s one of the most realistic virtual environments available. Our advanced graphics engines perfectly emulate the retail shopping experience to provide truly engaging online research surveys.

The more realistic the experience is for a respondent, the more reliable your packaging design research results and predictions will be.  That’s why our PackProbe Virtual Shopping mode eases respondents in with a realistic “walk through” - recreating the experience of entering a store and navigating to a particular section.

Once at the relevant shelf, respondents are faced with a fully interactive display that’s stocked with an array of pack designs - brilliantly mirroring a typical, real-life store.  The fact that it so closely replicates a real shopping experience means their behaviour is natural and instinctive. It’s the perfect way to glean real insight.

Why Virtual Shopping

One of the main benefits of virtual interactive shopping is that respondents can pick up individual packs off the shelf and view them in detail. This includes the front, side and back of pack communications. They can then choose to add the item to their shopping cart - or not.

For respondents, it’s as real as it gets - giving you accurate and reliable assessments of your pack's true potential

Virtual shopping allows respondents to behave and interact with packaging in a more realistic way than 2D screens

Significantly cheaper - there’s no need to prepare and print real pack designs

Speed - It allows multiple packs to be tested in the same environment within the same interview - not always feasible with real packs

Online methodology means respondents can be recruited anywhere in the world

Virtual Shopping (3D Virtual Shelf)

Using Virtual Shopping

PackProbe, and its 2D and 3D virtual shopping, covers an impressive range of marketing variables and consumer metrics:

  • Market share predictions: How likely are respondents to buy your product in a competitive display
  • Packaging appeal: How effective is the package in attracting consumers’ attention?
  • Shelf position: What is the effect of shelf position and adjacencies on impact and preferences?
  • Pack Optimisation: Measure how different pack designs are likely to perform - allowing you to avoid expensive mistakes and optimise the packaging design and communications.
  • Price Optimisation: Price sensitivity and consumer demand can also be incorporated into the studies to help optimise price.

For further information about our virtual shopping and packaging research services please drop us a line or call us on 0203 693 3150.