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Vision One is a specialist retail market research and shopper insight agency helping UK and International companies profit through a deep understanding of shoppers and buying behaviours.

Our retail research expertise is in using customer insight to create and refine; new ideas, measure customer satisfaction, track marketing performance or simply helping retailers, brands and shopping centres know their customers inside out.

Retail and shopper insight is the foundation to developing a deep understanding of how customers think and feel about your product or service. Ultimately, we increase the success rates of marketing, brands and product launches, using our understanding of consumer decision making to turn brands into category winners.

Working with a specialist retail market research company who understand your industry, consumer decision making and buying behaviour has huge benefits.

In the last fifteen years, Vision One has worked across pretty most retail sectors and have worked for UK and International online brands, High street names and major regional  ‘out of town’ shopping centres. The retail insight expertise, includes;

Our extensive customer and retail research company toolkit, includes the full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies for category planning, new product development and ongoing brand and advertising tracking research.

Our specialist services, include:

Retail Market Research Companies (UK)

Over the past fifteen years, the retail landscape has changed and continues to evolve, as traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailers have come under increasing threat from the emerging e-tailers. Internet and online retailing in the UK has seen a growth of over 5000% since 2000. Whatever your brand, it has never been more important to know what is really going on in-store and how shoppers interact with your products. Alongside traditional shopper research techniques such as shopper intercepts, accompanied shops and quantitative observations and online retail research, we also use advanced tools such as eye-tracking, (special glasses with in-built cameras), to record what shoppers actually see in-store. Our in-store filming techniques also allow us to measure traffic flow and dwell times around a store – but also help you to understand shopper behaviour and identify precisely how shoppers shop and hoe they interact with products and promotions as they move around the store.

As one of the UK’s leading Retail Market Research Companies our consultancy services offer a diverse range of unique and tailor-made products and services designed to help both online and high street retailers develop successful brand and retail marketing strategies. These include: Exploring the customer journey, Advertising and Point of Sale (POS) evaluation, Brand strategy (including: Targeting and Customer Segmentation research, Brand Proposition and Positioning, Customer Satisfaction. Our experience is diverse and have worked with many of the UK’s leading retailers including: Food and Grocery, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Clothing and Fashion research, Electronics and Technology, Health and Beauty to name just a few.

Retail and Online Shopping Research
We offer UK and International retailers first class shopper insights that help manufacturers and retailers understand in-store behaviour, motivations and decisions. Our studies explore shopper behaviour around: store layout, category layout, packaging, promotions and in-store communications and provide competitive advantage in these areas. Our skills and expertise as a retail insight company are not only in collecting data, but also converting shopper insights into action – enabling our clients to increase sales by building brand equity, stimulating purchases, improving loyalty and customer retention. If you have a website which needs improving or testing then we can. We offer usability testing (filming website users undertake a range of shopper or other missions) and consumer research to understand exactly what your customers want from your website. We provide practical advice which will help transform your business whether you are in fashion and clothing, electrical, banking, grocery or any other retail sector.

If you have a research enquiry and would like to speak to one of our retail research specialists about a possible project please call us on 0203 693 3150 or send us a message.