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Ethnographic Research

Getting you closer to the Truth

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Ethnographic research sometimes referred to as the deep dive or customer visits, has been gaining popularity in recent years and is extremely useful in gaining rich consumer insights. Ethnography gets you closer to the truth by immersing into their daily lives. It can cover just a part of the customer journey in and outside the home.

Ethnography is largely focused on the discovery of new insights and ways of thinking and is ideally suited to innovation and new product development. Observers can learn a great deal simply by watching customers in their natural habitat, as they use a particular product or service or try to complete certain tasks (e.g. cooking and mealtimes, DIY projects, cleaning, beauty & makeup, shopping, watching TV etc). Ethnographic research is ideal for

Identifying new ideas and opportunities

Understanding the customer journey

UX Usability and Product Testing

Adding richer insights to qual & quant

Brings insights and stories to life

Types of Ethnography

Bringing you closer to the consumer and avoiding the pitfalls of claimed behaviour can ultimately bring you better insights, decisions and ROI.

  • Life-Logging and photo compilations
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Diaries and video diaries
  • Traffic counting
  • In-store shopper observation
  • In-home audits (larder, rubbish, shopping receipts)
  • Social media investigations and audits
  • Digital recording (online shopping and behaviours)

Whilst ethnographic research is largely qualitative in nature, quantitative observational research does play a part in commercial research and is focused on measurement. Take retailing for example, where the footfall of shoppers entering the store can vary dramatically depending on the season, Sale or even the shop window display.

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