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Vision One has recently launched ‘Lightning’ - a new mobile phone survey solution designed especially for companies looking for low-cost research with an ultra-fast turnaround.

With access to over 12 million people worldwide, and growing each day, Lightning’s agile approach offers research throughout the UK and internationally - across Europe and most major developed countries.

Lightning delivers leaner, faster results - without compromising on quality.  Prices are reassuringly competitive and typically lower than many Omnibus surveys. And with live reporting and monitoring, and our premium next day delivery service, you can get your results in a flash.  Perfect.

If you’re looking for a specialist mobile phone survey research company, just give us a call - we’d be delighted to talk you through how our quick and cost-effective ‘Lightning’ surveys can help your business to drive growth.

If you are looking for more in-depth surveys, then we would recommend one of our online survey research methods.

The advantages of Lightning mobile phone surveys are:

  • Quick response – Surveys can be completed the same day with next day delivery.
  • Convenient – Mobile phone surveys are convenient and easy to use
  • Mobility – Respondents can be reached anytime/anywhere where the is a mobile reception
  • Immediate – Respondents can provide feedback at exactly the moment their opinion is formed. E.g. In shop, cinema
  • Live reporting – get your results in real-time
  • Value – The shorter questionnaire length mean that mobile phone surveys are highly cost effective

For further information about our work across our Mobile Surveys, or to help you with any research requirements you might have then please call on 0203 693 3150 or use the contact form below.