Market Research Methods

Essential Research Methods for Business

Research Methods:

In summary, Vision One's qualitative and quantitative research methods allow us to tackle any of our client's issues. Similarly, our range of innovative products include brand tracking, concept testing through to employee surveys.

Other Research Methods for Business

In addition to focus groups, depth interviews, online and telephone surveys, there are other methods brand owners should consider.

Experiments and Field Trials

In the real world business conduct trials and experiments often without the knowledge of the public. For instance, they are regularly used in retail where new products, ranges and layout are changed to assess the impact on sales.


Observational research is one of the most important business research methods. It helps understand in-home and shopping phenomena because it bypasses the conscious mind. However, its weakness is that it can rely on conjecture.

  • Analysing Data. Data sources such as; Sales, Website analytics, Social media listening can provide important business insights to develop your business and marketing strategy.
  • Competitive analysis. In addition, reviewing competitor product offerings, pricing, marketing and communications should be conducted regularly.
  • Published data. Information is readily available online, however, you need to be prepared to spend the time hunting. This information is a good place to start if you need a low cost approach.
  • Secondary Research. Finally, if you are new to a market with little prior knowledge then published research reports can be an excellent solution. Sources for instance might include: Statista, Mintel, Eurmonitor.

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