Visual Attention Analysis (VAA)

Visual Attention Analysis Vision One

Visual Attention Analysis (VAA)

Vision One have added a new Visual Attention Analysis (VAA) service to their advertising, packaging and website research evaluations.

Visual Attention Analysis can be incorporated into a number of communication research services offered by Vision One. VAA allows advertisers and media agencies to measure the visual performance of an execution or campaign before it goes on air, by analysing the levels of attention, brand effectiveness and positioning as well as how the ad’s individual elements are perceived. It can also be used on website landing pages to help improve website conversion rates by increasing the visibility of key messages and ‘call to action’ elements.

Unlike eye-tracking, the technology simulates human vision and creates measurement reports that predict what a real human would be most likely to look at through algorithms that have been developed from countless eye-tracking studies. It has been designed to closely resemble a 5 second eye tracking session made up of 40 subjects. The algorithms are based around: Colour, Orientation, Density/Contrast, Intensity, Size, Text, Skin and Face detection – and is typically more than 90% accurate in terms of comparison will real eye-tracking data.

Key Outputs

Heat Maps

The Visual Attention Heatmap is a popular display that shows the most attractive elements of the image in the form of “hot” and “cold” spots. The Attention Heatmap report is a predicted eye tracking report which show how areas of the original image attracts the attention – with red (high) and green (medium) used to represent the more appealing aspects of the image.

Opacity Map

The Visual Attention Opacity map report tones down information that is not attractive and visually displays what your viewers may perceive during the first few seconds of visual inspection. The Opacity map uses a transparency gradient and shows the parts of the media with the highest counts or longest fixations and shades the rest of the media. The most transparent areas are those that attract more attention. Use the Opacity report to identify which areas are being perceived and which are being ignored.

Areas of Interest

The Areas of Interest Report determines the percentage of the attention this area is drawing in particular segments or areas of the image and is typically used for website analysis and comparing results between different versions of your design and layout.

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