Qualitative Research Vision One


Specialists in Exploration and Creative Development

Specialising in all things qualitative, our highly regarded UK qualitative research team is headed up by Victoria Wood and Tony Lewis, who offer expert focus group moderation along with intelligent and sensitive qualitative analysis and interpretation to deliver effective and powerful research.

We are a passionate and creative research agency and see our role as making sense of the way customers see the world and what they really think. Our tried and trusted approaches are grounded in a number of disciplines, including: Psychology, NLP and Neuroscience.

We use both traditional and online data capture approaches, including: Focus Groups, Face to face and telephone in-depth interviewing, Homework, Online Bulletin Boards, Video Diaries, Larder audits, Depreviation, Disposable Cameras and Video Vox Pops. Additionally, we offer a range of System 1 and Neuromarketing tools and services which includes both Eye-tracking and Emotion tracking (e.g. Facial Expression analysis).

We are highly experienced in a variety qualitative research techniques across both B2B and Consumer markets:

  • Skilled qualitative moderators and executive interviewers
  • Preparation of well honed discussion guides
  • Close control throughout (hands-on management from senior personnel)
  • ISO 20252:2012 Quality Standard
  • Guidance and preparation of all necessary stimulus
  • We reach the ‘hard to get’ people: directors, senior management, key decision makers
  • Day, evening & weekend capacity

Qualitative Exploration

Qualitative market research is a bit like detective work, so here’s a couple of investigative techniques we use to get close to your customers:

  • iVision: communication development and exploring customer experiences with eye-tracking
  • SuperSnooper: using ethnography and observation research to unearth the lives of your customers
  • Online Qualitative: Our advanced online and mobile phone tools allow us to capture rich insights from anyone in any location.

Meet Our Qualitative Gurus

Our team offers an excellent combination of youth and experience and can be trusted to deliver qualitative research projects that meets your exact requirements. If you are looking for a qualitative market research agency and would like more information or would like to discuss a particular study you have in mind, please contact Tony for further information using the form below.

If you would like to find our more about our qualitative research services, then please contact us below or call 0203 693 3150. We look forward to hearing from you.