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Ethnography, sometimes referred to as the deep dive or customer visits, has been gaining popularity in recent years and is extremely useful in gaining rich consumer insights. Ethnography involves spending time with your customer immersed in their daily life. It can cover just a part of the customer journey, as in mystery shopping, through to the complete customer experience.

Observers can learn a great deal simply by watching customers in their natural habitat, as they use a particular product or service or try to complete certain tasks (e.g. cooking and mealtimes, DIY projects, shopping, watching TV etc).

Quantitative observational research is often essential. Take retail for example where footfall of shoppers entering the store, or window-shopping can vary dramatically depending on the season and shop window display.

Beyond traditional observational techniques, Vision One offer several bespoke filming and video research products and services:

  • Life logging
  • In-home videoing and video diaries
  • Traffic Counting and Flow
  • In-store video and observation
  • In-home audits (larders, bins, rooms)

Technology, especially wearable technology and the information that can now be captured by mobile devices and other advanced technology, is constantly changing the way we conduct observational research and bringing new opportunities to the market research and insight industries.

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