iVision (Eye Tracking)

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iVision (Eye Tracking)

Specialist in Eye Tracking Research

i-Vision Vision One

Eye-tracking is perfect for all those interested in usability testing or in gaining a deeper insight into communication, brands, packaging and for those looking to go beyond verbal responses and to really understand customer behaviour.

Vision One’s state of the art eye-tracking research solution iVision is available in both static and mobile options. Static PC based eye-tracking is ideal for website, packaging and advertising evaluation, whilst our mobile solution is highly advanced, light weight & portable and extremely accurate – making it the perfect tool for investigating many of the processes and sub-conscious behaviours involved in shopping online or in the real world.

Introduction to Eye-Tracking Research

Eye-tracking accurately records where people look as they perform tasks – so it is possible to precisely see where people look, what they read and in deed what they miss. This is vital information for those involved in brand and advertising communications. iVision is ideal for exploring:

  • Shopping behaviour and store navigation – shopper research
  • Usability studies (websites, products)
  • Product or packaging research (what people see and read) – PackProbe
  • Advertising & POS and how it attracts their attention – AdProbe

What Our Eye Tracking Offers

Our UK Eye tracking research services can be combined with our other Neuromarketing research tools including; Face Emotion and EEG. Our analysis and outputs include Gaze plots which shows the order in which people interact with your packaging or communication. Heat Maps and Opacity Maps are popular ways to analyse the results by highlighting the key areas which are seen (fixated upon).

Eye-tracking is excellent for recording dynamic content such as TV advertising, Films, Games along with Website usability testing. Below shows the heat maps for Domino's Pizza advertising executions. The heat map highlight where the focus of attention is…

To find out more about how our UK eye tracking research services or for a demo please call or you can use our online contact form by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button below, or give us a call on 0151 945 0150.