Online Qualitative

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Online Qualitative

Fast and Affordable Alternative to Focus Groups

Online research has been growing in recent years and has numerous benefits over more established methods. Traditional focus groups are not practical, especially in remote areas or for special interest groups where penetration is too low.

Our online research expertise, includes; brand health checks, tests of new products, concepts, pack/label designs, customer satisfaction, advertising research and larger scale usage and attitude (U&A) surveys.

We use a range of online qualitative methods, such as bulletin board focus groups, depth interviews and online diaries. We have a full range of qualitative recruitment methods, from working clients’ own customers or target market customers recruited by our highly experienced fieldwork team.

Online Qualitative Methods

  1. Asynchronous discussion groups: These are groups that take place over an extended period (i.e. days or weeks) and are similar in style to an internet forum. Here we post questions and then our participants leave their replies underneath.
  2. User diaries: Here our participants are set a series of tasks – such as a shopping trip, diary recording their behaviour or thoughts by login in to our online platform to make blog posts/diary entries.
  3. Live chat:  Perhaps most comparable method to traditional face to face focus groups and are very dynamic and fast paced qualitative research method. Respondents visit our chat-room to take part in our the question and answer session.
  4. Video focus-group: Where a visual reference is important, we record respondents via their webcams for a conference style session with video footage.

Specialising in all things qualitative, if you would like more information or would like to discuss a particular study you have in mind, please get in touch with Tony Lewis using the button below or call 0203 693 3150.