Quantitative survey research

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Quantitative survey research

Specialising in a wide range of quantitative research and survey methods, we deliver professional ad hoc and continuous market research. Our Quantitative surveys can start with as little as 100 interviews, right up to 20,000+ depending on your businesses needs.

Quantitative research surveys are one of the two most popular disciplines within market research, the second being Qualitative research; which incorporates methods such as; focus groups, online qual, ethnography and in-depth Interviews. Both approaches provide valuable insights and our experience has shown that the best solution is often a combination of the two approaches - with quantitative providing robustness and reliability and the qualitative providing a more in-depth understanding of how people think and feel.

Face to Face interviewing (F2F) is one of the oldest forms of survey data collection. Face to Face research includes a number of approaches such as; in-home interviewing, exit surveys, street interviews, in-situ research and is regarded a good methodology when a higher response rate is required or when the subject is very sensitive or when observation (including body language) is required.

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Telephone Method

Telephone interviewing is another methodology we offer in our dedicated in-house telephone unit offering both business (b2b) and consumer research.  Our advanced approach to telephone interviewing utilises automated Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI). Telephone research is ideal for B2B research as it yields far higher response levels than online surveys and can be conducted in multiple languages to anywhere in the world.

Clients Worked With

Some of our extensive customers we've conducted and delivering our highest standards of research.

Heineken Vision One

Another Round?

Testing new designs for Heineken’s latest counter mount

McBride Vision One

High Oven Pride

Brand health tracking for Oven Pride

Deloitte Vision One

We’re Delighted

Making motor insurance that much more simple

British Heart Foundation Vision One

Hearty Advertising

Exploring the impact of DRTV Advertising Evaluation on legacy will donations

Culture Trip Vision One

For The Curious

Inspired Brand Tracking for one of the UKs fastest growing travel brands

Lindt Vision One

Pure Indulgence

Developing scrumptious new product ideas for the UK Chocolate Consumer

Online Research

Since the advent of the worldwide web, with the exception of just a few countries, Online research and online surveys have become the most popular form of quantitative research across the globe. Online research and consumer panels provide businesses the opportunity to target both large and niche consumer audiences quickly and cost effectively. The emergence of self-serve platforms like Survey Monkey have opened up new opportunities for those on a tight budget or where quality isn’t important – but despite this professional research agencies still make significant use of online research in the research armoury.

IVR Research

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is popular in call centres. In some ways it is similar to a telephone interviewing, but the respondents interact with a computer, using the telephone touch pad. Respondents provide their answers through talking or the use of the dialling buttons on their phone. The data is fed back to the research company and client almost instantaneously, allowing for quick analysis and actions to be provided.

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All our Quantitative work is to the highest industry standards and abides to data protection law (We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office). Vision One are also only one of around 100 market research companies worldwide to be ISO 20252:2012 accredited, ensuring we deliver the highest research standards possible.

For further information or discuss your particular fieldwork and face to face research needs please call us on 0203 693 3150 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you straight away.