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We have a national UK field-force which provides high quality face-to-face research surveys for in-home and on street interviewing. Our team consists of a network of highly experienced supervisors, with over 200 specially selected interviewers who have excelled in the field. All our interviewers are fully trained to meet the exacting international standards of ISO 20252:2012 that we set ourselves across the business.

We have completed numerous large-scale and time pressured face to face market research projects.

Our face to face interviewing includes: in-store and exit interviewing, on-street, in-home, in-pub/bar or even at events. We use flexible interviewing teams across the country who are willing to work from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. Our face to face fieldwork services include:

  • Hall Tests – These are a useful quantitative methodology when we are looking to test reactions to products and concepts in controlled environment. Many locations have cooking facilities which makes them ideal for testing food, drink and other household products.
  • Street and in-store interviews – These are suitable for short surveys amongst a broad range of housewives and shoppers. Also used to capture public perception in a specific geographic location.
  • In home interviews – Although relatively more expensive and time consuming than other forms of interviewing, in-home allows us to engage and capture the views of people in their own home environments. This can be important where sampling needs to be residentially or area controlled. These in home interviews tend to be longer interviews (15 minutes to one hour or more) and may include product placement.
  • Exit interviews – often used across retail, leisure and public services to capture data on usage / behaviour, perceptions and satisfaction.

Technology has enhanced face-to-face interviewing as it has other research methods in recent years. By using mobile devices such as laptops, iPads and XDAs, the data we receive from face-to-face surveys is continuously uploaded and quality checked, saving time and cost on printing, postage and data entry.

We recommend using face-to-face interviewing when you want to target specific locations, and when we need to pick up on non-verbal cues or encourage a more detailed response. This can include audits and observations.

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For further information or discuss your particular fieldwork and face to face research needs please call us on 0203 693 3150 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you straight away.