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Vision One are experts in online surveys, providing high quality online and email based research solutions using client databases, our own panels or those of our partner panel providers to provide truly global coverage.

An increasing proportion of quantitative market research is being conducted online and across all sectors. Whether you are an e-business or a customer service provider or simply looking to understand your customers better, our online survey methodologies provides a robust and cost effective alternative to traditional research approaches. Using state-of-the-art software and programming experts, our insight professionals can provide you with the best insights possible. Vision One offer a range of high quality fieldwork alternatives to online research, including; Face to face fieldwork (in-home or on-street) and Telephone surveys.

For a fast and low-cost online survey option - try out our Discovery Bus omnibus surveys which are ideal for short questionnaires of less than 10 questions.

Our online surveys are interactive. They allow us to engage participants and gain deeper insights into the topic being researched. All are custom-built, incorporating imagery as required, and are designed and can be branded to the client’s specifications.

Vision One were one of the first online market research survey companies to incorporate audio and video as well as photos and graphics, making it the ideal platform for customer research, concept testing, advertising research and new product development research.

Vision One’s online and email surveys have various advantages, including:

  • Price – Online surveys are much cheaper than both postal and telephone surveys by around 20-50%.
  • Speed – Online surveys give you real feedback, really quick! It’s entirely possible that will receive your first responses in as little as minutes.
  • Safe – Secure, fast and reliable hosting (DPA registered).
  • High response rates – Online surveys often achieve higher response rates than postal surveys due to the fact that they are user-friendly, easy to understand and can be filled out at any time of day.
  • Cutting edge technology – To make our questionnaires very user friendly and highly interactive.

Overall, whilst online survey tools provide a low-cost, high-speed format from which data can be collected, care should be taken by those making use of online survey tools to guarantee their target audience can actually be reached via this method.

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