IdeaProbe (Concept Testing)

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IdeaProbe (Concept Testing)

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IdeaProbe Vision One

Concept Testing is a critical part of the new product development (NPD) process and uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods to evaluate consumer responses to a product idea or proposition. Most commonly focus groups are used at an early development stage whilst quantitative online or face to face methods are used for final testing stages.

Vision One’s IdeaProbe is a proven quantitative testing tool that has been designed for concept testing new products. It has been developed over the past 15 years and is ideally suited to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and the array of new digital technology that is emerging across the globe.

Clients Worked With

Below are just some of the 500 clients we've worked with at Vision One, using IdeaProbe to develop designs and concepts;

Heineken Vision One

Another Round?

Testing new designs for Heineken’s latest counter mount

Huhtamaki Vision One

Lifting The Lid

Understanding customer perceptions on plastic lids and their tendencies to recycle

The Good Whey Vision One

Journey To Better Health

Optimising packaging and brand communications for a healthier future

Dr Beckmann Vision One

Washing Machines Need Love!

Developing and refining a new and successful laundry care product for European markets

Holts Vision one

Wash ‘N Shine

Measuring how Simoniz Car Care products outshine the competition

Lindt Vision One

Pure Indulgence

Developing scrumptious new product ideas for the UK Chocolate Consumer

About IdeaProbe

IdeaProbe can be applied to two key areas:

  • Concept Evaluation tests – This is a full concept evaluation test where one or more concepts are presented singly or in a sequence
  • Concept Screening – This is where a broad range of concepts are tested in order to find the best ideas to take forward (we refer to this as IdeaProbe Lite)

For more refined product and package testing please refer to PackProbe.

Our Expertise

Over the years we have developed a database of ‘norms’ against which concept tests can be evaluated which allows us to understand how best to interpret the results. However, unlike some concept testing companies we ensure the evaluation compares like with like.

Our Concept Tests often include pricing evaluations to help understand the optimal price points for the new concept. Often this process involves established pricing models such as BPTO (Brand Price Trade Off) or the Price Sensitivity Meter by Van Westerdorp, or by playing purchasing ‘games’ with respondents – providing broad brush volumetric estimates.

If you are interested in our Concept Testing research services and would like to find out more fill in our contact form below or give us a call on 0203 693 3150