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2D & 3D Shopping

Bringing Packaging Research to Life

Vision One’s pack design research tool, PackProbe, incorporates virtual (simulated) shopping with innovative 2D and 3D animation to create some of the most realistic virtual environments available. Our advanced graphics engines emulates the retail shopping experience to provide the most engaging online survey experience.

When conducting packaging design research, it is important to ease respondents into shopping mode – this will encourage more reliable responses and predictions. In PackProbe, each respondent sees a store “walk through” that recreates the experience of entering a store and going to a particular section. Once the respondent arrives at the section under investigation, respondents are presented with an interactive retail shelf display with an array of pack designs within the category under investigation. (Pricing information can be shown if required).

One of the key benefits of PackProbe, is the facility to pick up individual packs off the shelf in order to view them in detail. Respondents then have the option of whether or not to add the item to their shopping card.

Virtual shopping has other advantages and allows scenarios to be tested without the need for costly trials which sales data analysis is unable to pick up –  whereas our research can. For example, testing product adjacencies or impact of introducing new brands into the category.

you tap into both shoppers’ conscious and emotional decision making to better understand how products work together within the entire category.

The types of marketing variables and consumer metrics covered in PackProbe and it’s 2D and 3D virtual shopping, includes:

  • Market share predictions: How likely are respondents to buy the product in a competitive display
  • Packaging appeal: How effective is the package in attracting consumers’ attention?
  • Shelf impact: How eye-catching are the pack designs when in a blurred state
  • Shelf position: What is the effect on market share of a top shelf position, versus an eye-level position?
  • Position and facings: What is the value of additional facings or does the brand performance improve/change with proximity to other brands.
  • Pack Optimisation: Explore how different pack designs are likely to perform to avoid expensive mistakes and to optimise the packaging design and communications.
  • Conversion: Identify how many pick up the product go on to buy and reasons for non-purchase
  • Price Optimisation: Price sensitivity and consumer demand can also be incorporated.

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