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Total Recall (IVR)

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TotalRecall Vision One

TotalRecall is a multi-faceted and cost-effective way of gaining customer feedback using the latest in market research technology. Its applications are far-reaching, including: customer service centres and post-call customer feedback, retail outlet performance and a wide variety of other customer satisfaction surveys.

Data Capture Approaches

  • In-store or remote kiosks capturing customer experiences as they happen in store
  • Web surveys customers are routed to our secure website from weblinks, pop-up windows in the website or through email invitations
  • Inbound calls can be forwarded (automatically or by staff) to the TotalRecall IVR system
  • Text messaging invites can be sent to customers to participate in the survey
  • Freephone customers can call a freephone number to provide feedback
  • Postal and face-to-face paper-based surveys can also be migrated into the system

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