AdProbe (Advertising Testing)

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AdProbe (Advertising Testing)

Advertising Pre-testing Research Company

AdProbe Vision One

Building on the ground-breaking report by Les Binet and Peter Field into advertising effectiveness in their report ‘Marketing in the Era of Accountability‘, Vision One have developed a new framework and approach to advertising evaluation AdProbe.

Clients Worked With

Essilor Vision One

Eye On The Ball

Tracking to improve Customer Satisfaction Survey amongst opticians

Bristol Street Motors Vision One

Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Testing current adverts execution against its new execution

McBride Vision One

High Oven Pride

Brand health tracking for Oven Pride

What AdProbe Offers

With a mix of both established and new/innovative advertising metrics, AdProbe incorporates many new and innovative ideas that can be applied at the creative development phase right through to live testing.

Our advertising pre-testing research solutions include; focus groups or depth interviews for creative development, and quantitatively online or face to face surveys for pre-testing or on-going tracking studies. AdProbe is our online survey solution and can be used on animatics or fully finished films and can be used for all media types including; TV, radio and press or online.

AdProbe Video Example

AdProbe is a comprehensive evaluation tool that uniquely focuses on metrics and measures that are known to drive advertising effectiveness. These have been built on what we describe as the five secrets to advertising effectiveness which our outlined in our short video below:

Whilst focus group studies play an important part of the advertising development and are a valuable role in exploring different ideas or strategies, its use in evaluating specific creative treatments is not recommended for two reasons.

  • Firstly, in a group discussion respondents are inevitably influenced by other participants.
  • Secondly, most people view TV advertising in home (on their own or with their family), focus groups are often conducted in unfamiliar locations such as a viewing facility or hotel.

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