PackProbe (Pack Testing)

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PackProbe (Pack Testing)

Packaging – Where small changes can have a dramatic benefit

PackProbe Vision One

Vision One have been helping brand owners develop and improve their packaging through our innovative packaging research for the past 15-20 years, and since it’s inception PackProbe has always had a reputation for providing reliable and meaningful pack optimisation.

Clients Worked With

We've picked out a small selection of the organisations we work with closely to achieve outstanding research;

Nicky Vision One

Big Softies

Helping one of Europes leading toilet and kitchen paper manufacturers optimise their packaging

Bakkavor Vision One

Fresh Ideas

Investigating how customers shop the dressed salads department to improve packaging standout and appeal

Circadin Vision One

Sleeping Remedy

Using iVision to understand on shelf impact and appeal for better results

McBride Vision One

High Oven Pride

Brand health tracking for Oven Pride

The Good Whey Vision One

Journey To Better Health

Optimising packaging and brand communications for a healthier future

Brioche Pasquier Vision One

Baking For Success

Fresh insights into packaging design and messaging for the world’s largest Brioche brand

Last year, PackProbe was re-engineered to make it one of the world’s most advanced and powerful packaging design testing tools, which it achieves through new System 1 thinking (the autopilot which often makes our decisions without us even knowing)! When combined with our eye-tracking research PackProbe becomes the ultimate research solution for testing and improving your designs.

PackProbe Introduction

Key Features and Benefits of PackProbe

Peripheral Vision Test

Did you know that only 20% of our vision is sharp?

When we are out shopping, we use peripheral vision (which is also blurred) to find and locate products to buy. As such, we test packing in both its in-focus visual state and blurred.

The blurred test allows us to see how easily and quickly they identify and find the pack when not in view. Do you recognise the teabag brands below and can you name them?

Peripheral Vision

Decision Making

Most buying decisions are made in an instant!

Rapid responses are enforced to ensure respondents use their ‘autopilot’ we time and force respondents to make choices within a short period of time to get their ‘gut’ reaction which is a good predictor in the real world (and avoids over rationalisation of their choices).

2D & 3D Packs

The world is not black or white – it’s Grey!

Vision One use state of the art virtual 2D and 3D visuals to replicate the shopping environment. (Check out PackProbe‘s 2D & 3D Design Research software technology).

Historically the research industry has always tested pack designs against white backgrounds – yet this is somewhat flawed approach as most shop fixtures and displays tend to be approximately 15-25% grey. This darker background can have a large impact on the standout and appeal of certain packs and makes for a more realistic life-like experience.

Initial Opinion Counts

How people instinctively feel about your product and packaging is also vital to success.

How your pack shapes perceptions of the product – helping you to make stronger connections with the product and brand.

Our PackProbe questioning will also determine how well your new packaging fits with your desired brand proposition, values and identity.

PackProbe delivers an unparalleled understanding of the standout power of the new design on the shelf, an estimate of market share and actionable recommendations on how to improve.

For further information or a demonstration of the power of PackProbe or any of our concept, branding or communications research solutions, please call Tony Lewis on 0203 693 3150 or complete the contact form below.