Employee Satisfaction

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Employee Satisfaction

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Employee recruitment, retention and managing change are undeniably key issues for businesses and in particular HR departments. High employee satisfaction levels can reduce turnover, whilst dissatisfied employees tend to perform below their capabilities and leave their jobs quickly.

Employee Satisfaction

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Our insightful and high quality Employee Surveys take away the hassle and deliver cost effective solutions. Online and Email surveys offer fast low cost solutions, but we also can call upon other methods such as: telephone, paper, IVR and even face to face interviews.

Clients Worked With

Here is some of the wonderful clients we've worked with;

Lake District National Park

Discover. Explore. Inspire

Measuring employee satisfaction and engagement across key themes

IAC Vision One

Comfort & Control

Employee satisfaction survey to compare with previous years

Hobbs London Vision One

Luxury Womenswear

Conducting a NPS Survey amongst head office staff members

Colloids Vision One

Igniting Science

Running an Employee Satisfaction survey to understand how their staff feel about particular parts of the business

Huhtakaki Vision One

Fresh Fruits

– Staff satisfaction amongst a sector of AG Thames

What is StaffProbe?

Through StaffProbe, our employee engagement research approach, you can create a healthy corporate communications that will lead to greater employee satisfaction, employee retention, and employee loyalty.

Staff surveys will allow you to see how well your employees embrace your organisation’s goals, values, and mission. StaffProbe also provides unique insights that other survey providers cannot match – by benchmarking your company against UK employee norms. Our employee surveys are designed for quick and easy implementation, and are custom designed to your specific needs.

As a leading employee engagement survey company, our Feedback Systems will enable you to develop a continuous employee feedback system – keeping you in communication with your employees and their changing perceptions, wants, and needs.

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