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Acquisition Research

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Vision One helps companies who are in the process of a merger or acquisition with their due diligence by undertaking market research and customer analysis to assess the underlying strength of the companies concerned.

Customer research is a highly effective way of accurately (and impartially) assessing the strength and weaknesses of an organisation through a detailed understanding of both the existing and/or potential customer.

As a mergers and acquisitions research company, typically our customer research will focus on several key segments, including;

  • Existing customers – measuring loyalty and satisfaction
  • Lapsed customers – why they have lapsed
  • Enquirers – Do they adopt and what are the barriers?
  • Competitor users/offering – How does it compare with competitor offerings

If required, we can provide more detailed insights into the market. Other related services include; market size and profiling, customer segmentation studies, pricing and brand price trade-off, brand image/equity studies.

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