Advertising Research

Advertising Research

How Effective are your Advertising and Brand communications?

Vision One are a specialist advertising research company and have a wealth of experience in helping brand owners develop effective advertising, brochures and other marketing communications.

Using the latest qualitative and quantitative online and face to face techniques to provide our clients with insights which help them to develop targeted communications. Our advertising research services include:

  • Pre-testing (Animatics or finished film)
  • Media evaluation studies
  • Pre and Post testing advertising awareness studies
  • Brand and advertising tracking studies

Clients Worked With

We've enjoyed working with many brands across different range of markets, some of our advertising research projects include;

Bristol Street Motors Vision One

Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Testing current adverts execution against its new execution

Land Rover Vision One

Above And Beyond

Advertising development workshop groups

Tour America Vision One

Going The Distance

UK holidaymakers Attitudes and Behaviours towards US holidays

British Heart Foundation Vision One

Hearty Advertising

Exploring the impact of DRTV Advertising Evaluation on legacy will donations

Dr Beckmann Vision One

Washing Machines Need Love!

Developing and refining a new and successful laundry care product for European markets

Silentnight Vision One

Sleeping Tight

Helping Silentnight become one of the UK’s most trusted brands

AdProbe Vision One

Over the past year, Vision One have been busy developing and refining AdProbe – our leading approach to advertising research evaluation. See our AdProbe Video Introduction where Tony Lewis briefly explains some of its features. One aspect of AdProbe is the use of facial recognition to evaluate the emotional impact of advertising – as illustrated in the example for Three below. (Note. See how positive emotion grows throughout the advert but importantly falls rapidly as soon as brand/credentials are added)

Market Leading Product

Working with psychologists and advertising experts we have developed new ground breaking thinking and approach to advertising evaluation with our AdProbe suite of research solutions to provide new and richer insights.

For the creative development process we offer focus groups (albeit with our own special embellishments!) to explore, develop and refine the communications to ensure it can be optimised for the real world.

For pre-testing (animatics or fully finished film) and for monitoring advertising and media effectiveness, AdProbe can help brand owners optimise their advertising and maximise the return on investment.

If you have any advertising development or media evaluation research or would like to find out more about AdProbe or our range of case studies then please feel free to get in touch with us. Please call Tony Lewis using the contact form below.