Jester Brand Archetype Vision One

The Jester

The Sage, The Scholar, The Visionary

The Jester lives in the moment and just enjoy life. They fear boredom above everything. A Jester brand archetype tends to give out the impression that they live on the wild side and use outrageous imagery to often tease their customers affectionately. The Jester business is a clever one. Finding success through brainstorming and lateral thinking, the Jester makes sure their team is having fun while they’re at it. They motivate people to see the value of play and by allowing people to connect with their fun inner child — impulsive and unrestrained, not afraid to bend rules, not afraid to stand out, and comfortable in their own skin.

The worst thing that could happen to a Jester brand would be to get embroiled in a bitter lawsuit or be seen as strict or boring. On a positive note, they are carefree and different but at their worst Jester brands can be cruel and irresponsible.

The Jester – Key Characteristics and Values

Strategy: To live in the moment and not be too serious

Key Attributes: Joker, Playful, carefree, Joyful, Original, Teaser and Foolish

Greatest Fear: To come across boring

Personalities: Comedian, Practical Joker, The Fool

The Jester Archetype Explained:

The Jester does not seek to solve a problem. Its main purpose on the journey is the journey itself. The outcome rarely matters to the Jester and in some cases they may become a bit of the devils advocate in the interest of spicing things up a little bit. The Jester doesn’t reminisce or plan for the future, they have the ability to think outside the box, which leads to innovative ideas.

This means the Jester is a master at brainstorming, reframing concepts, and presenting new perspectives to people and other brands archetypes.

Jester brands promise entertainment.

Jester customers find regular adverts very boring, they love anything unusual or weird and playful. The marketing of Jester brands may be unconventional, silly, or over-the-top. Often bright colors are used and the action is high-energy.

SKITTLES – ‘Romance’

If you take yourself to the skittles website, you will see how they are the definition of the ‘Jester’. Completely in their own world of fun, colour and mischief, skittles aim to entertain their consumers and inspire people to be carefree and just have fun. This Skittles ad is one of many that keep the Jester archetype theme but with the ‘Romance’ ad they have gone that extra mile to entertain with something that would potentially never happen being the policeman, the robber and the beaver joining in on the fun.

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