The Ruler Brand Archetype Vision One

The Ruler

The Leader, The Powerful, The Role Model

The Ruler brand archetype is driven by their strong power and control. Ruler brands are known for speaking authoritatively and often spreading the idea that they are the leaders in their field. They are the head teacher, the monarch, the boss and the President, top banana and infused with a sense of wealth and success. Seen as ‘masculine’, rulers will be solid and polished to their consumers.

Making order out of chaos, they will use power to create positive outcomes, however they must be careful about dominating others or becoming overly hierarchical or political.

The Ruler – Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: To create a prosperous, successful community

Strategy: To exercise power

Key Attributes: Manager, Organiser, Productive, Confidence, Responsible, Role Model, The boss, The leader.

Greatest Fear: Chaos and being overthrown

Personalities: Peacemaker, Powerbroker, Conductor

The Ruler Archetype Explained:

Ruler customers are naturally dominant and will not be patronised or ‘dumbed down’ when it comes to advertising. They value the advertising that reinforces their emotions of feeling power and authority. The best of the best.

Ruler brands will promise Power

A ruler brand would suffer if they were ever to be perceived as weak or controlling. With the rulers core talents being leadership and responsibility, they gain a lot of trust and loyalty from consumers.

ROLEX – The Day Date 40

Rolex have dominated the marketplace for high-end timepieces for well over a century, becoming synonymous with prosperity and power. This advertisement promotes their brand by showing how Rolex consumers are presidents and world leaders – Rulers. The best of the best, ‘ An international symbol of success’.

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