The Brand Funnel

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The Brand Funnel

Measuring the Brand Funnel

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The Brand Funnel is a powerful marketing tool used to understand the purchase journey of your customers. By mapping your Brand Funnel, you are assessing the strength and weaknesses of your customers’ decision journey.

The Brand Funnel Explained

The concept is a strategic framework designed to help marketers and brand owners understand how to grow their brand and understand where any issues might lie. The aim is to increase the number customers further down the funnel and ultimately to maximise the number of loyal customers.

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The Brand Funnel measurements are a fundamental feature of most brand health and brand tracking studies we conduct and are a cornerstone of Brand Equity. As it’s possible to attribute customer spend within each level of the funnel, consequently the model can be used to evaluate the financial benefits of progressing customers down the scale.

New brands often struggle to create Brand Awareness and Mindshare in the early launch of the product lifecycle. Whereas, established brands who are struggling to grow are weak in converting awareness into consideration. Whilst some brands deliver high levels of Satisfaction, this alone is not enough to guarantee customer loyalty to the brand. Through the analysis of customers who are 'Satisfied but not Loyal', often provides important insights on the issues and opportunities for maximising Brand Loyalty.

Cancer Research Brand Funnel

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Cancer Research has a strong funnel structure and the strongest we have recorded in our BrandVision database.

Brand Interest (Consideration) is particularly high at 78% (or 89% of those aware of the brand). This is slightly higher than the other charities we investigated indicating strong appeal and relevant to many. Brand Satisfaction and Loyalty are also quite strong at 66% and 45% respectively. Check out our Brand Equity Wheel to discover more.

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