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Many companies lose over 45% of their customers every five years and just a small 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase profits up to 85% depending on the industry. So understanding who they are and how they feel are vital to helping you grow your brand and improve customer satisfaction.

We are a specialist UK customer satisfaction survey company and experts in the measurement and analysis of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction surveys. We help companies to measure and track key performance measures and uncover the key drivers of satisfaction.

Our aim is to help companies and organisations improve customer satisfaction and associated metrics by delivering relevant, meaningful and cost-effective benefits to our clients. Some of the ways we help clients include:

  • Customer relationship – Improving the (emotional) relationship with your customers/staff
  • Customer retention – Measuring and improving customer loyalty
  • Advocacy – Increasing word of mouth (Net Promoter Score)
  • Reducing costs – Satisfied customers are less likely to complain or require extra servicing Staff turnover – Identifying ways to improve staff turnover, loyalty and morale

Whether your customers are shoppers, travellers, business clients, tenants, banking, IT or customers in a restaurant… our tailor-made ad-hoc and continuous satisfaction research projects are designed to help you understand your customers attitudes, their journey, experience and needs.

Unlike some other survey companies, with a wide range of survey research capabilities, we can combine a number of methodologies and techniques to address your insight needs. Our services include:

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