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Optimising sales through Packaging Design

As any brand owner knows, their packaging design and communications are their most powerful marketing tools. Packaging is particularly important at the point of purchase (POP) and sometimes described as the ‘Moment of Truth’ – where Shelf Visibility and product recognition are key to the success of any brand.

By seeing through the eyes of the shopper, along with latest Neuromarketing Research techniques, our packaging research tools will help you understand how your customers interact with your packaging and reveal clear opportunities to refine the communications, design and labelling.

We’ve developed new thinking to PackProbe – our emotion-based packaging evaluation methodology with System 1 thinking. Our innovative pack testing approach mimics real-time shopping experience by asking people to make a selection from a interactive virtual shelf while under time-pressured conditions. PackProbe explores how people feel and respond to your pack and why, helping you to take the right steps to improve it. We also incorporate eye tracking to evaluate the visual impact and attention grabbing qualities of the design (viz a viz competitor packs).

Designed for brand owners and packaging design agencies, our range of pack development and testing services, includes:

  • Health Checks – to benchmark your current packaging and to help guide re-design efforts to optimise sales
  • Pack Development and Discovery – Qualitative exploration to uncover opportunities and drive pack innovation
  • Screening (PackProbe Lite) – A quick quantitative approach to screen new pack structures and graphic designs
  • Full Pack Testing (PackProbe) – Quantitative System 1 led approach to optimising and validating pack designs

Packaging research is one of the most powerful tools available to maximising sales and profits on your packaging – getting it right is crucial! As a specialist packaging market research company, Vision One has developed the tools, including our unique Peripheral Vision Test, to explore and optimise all key components of pack design. If you are interested in how our innovative pack testing research works then click on the PackProbe logo below, or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Kettle Vision One

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vision One. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. I would definitely recommend their services.

NHS Vision One

We were extremely impressed with the quality of the questionnaire design and how it was integrated closely with our core objectives.

Huhtakaki Vision One

Vision One understood the requirements of our project and used their expertise to deliver an exceptional report that has significantly guided our stakeholder communication strategy

Huhtamaki Vision One

Thanks for a stimulating debrief and a wealth of insight that will continue to keep us in tune with the UK beverage consumer and what they want from our products.

WHSmith Vision One

What I value about Vision One is their constructive challenge concerning things they’re asked to do, which lead to an added value result. They’re thorough, conscientious and quick!

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An excellent agency with real expertise in the Retail sector, not pushy but understanding of clients requirements and capable of delivering on them.

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