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This is where it all began for us.  At Vision One, we have worked with retailers - and talked with shoppers - since our inception, back in 1999.  Understanding shoppers, shopping behaviours and the intricacies of decision making are at the very heart of what we do. 

As a specialist UK shopper research agency, we combine our expertise and experience to provide a refreshingly deep, meaningful level of insight.  We take things further than most and pioneered our own market-leading and award-winning research methods - fresh approaches that provide you with game-changing insight and a real understanding of what makes your consumers tick.

Our range of behaviour-focused shopper research techniques use customer insight to create and refine new ideas, measure customer satisfaction, track marketing performance or simply help you to truly understand your shoppers.

Working across everything from FMCG to technology, we work with both disruptor and challenger brands. Our shopper insight gives you the foundation you need to develop a real and deep understanding of how your customers think and feel about your product or service. Wondering what to expect?  It can be eye-opening and exciting - inspiring new ideas, confident decision making and real growth.

Why Shopper Research?

  • Provides the key strategic insight you need to fast forward your brand
  • Helps you understand the moment of truth and what drives buying decisions
  • Identifies customer segments for targeting and optimising your marketing strategy
  • It helps you to understand how well your packaging is working and why (alongside your competitors, or stand alone)
  • Insight allows you to adapt, evolve and anticipate - it ensures you stay ahead of your competitors
  • It helps you to make the right strategic decisions so you can adapt, evolve and thrive

UK's Best Market Research Agency 2020

Shopper Insight Studies

Having worked with hundreds of brands across a range of markets, some of our shopper insight projects include;

Land Rover Vision One

Above and Beyond

Helping Land Rover develop and optimise their advertising and communications

L'oreal Paris Vision One

Simply Hairilicious

Exploring Hairdressers knowledge and opinions of L’Oreal Professional

The Good Whey Vision One

Journey To Better Health

Optimising packaging and brand communications for a healthier future

ge capital Vision One

It’s A Banker

High value B2B vendor financing Customer Satisfaction Research across Europe

Camden Market Vision One

Creating A Buzz

Investigating the customer journey and visitor Profiling Research

Brioche Pasquier Vision One

Baking For Success

Fresh insights into packaging design and messaging for the world’s largest Brioche brand



UK's Best Market Research Agency 2020

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As one of the UK’s leading Retail Market Research Companies our consultancy services offer a diverse range of unique and tailor-made products and services designed to help both online and high street retailers develop a successful brand and retail marketing strategies. These include: Exploring the customer journey, Advertising and Point of Sale (POS) evaluation, Brand strategy (including Targeting and Customer Segmentation research, Brand Proposition and Positioning, Customer Satisfaction. Our experience is diverse and has worked with many of the UK’s leading retailers including Food and Grocery, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Clothing and Fashion research, Electronics and Technology, Health and Beauty to name just a few.

We offer both UK and International research for retailers and first-class shopper insights that help manufacturers and retailers understand in-store behaviour, motivations and decisions. Our studies explore shopper behaviour around store layout, category layout, packaging, promotions and in-store communications and provide a competitive advantage in these areas. Our skills and expertise as a retail insight company are not only in collecting data but also converting shopper insights into action – enabling our clients to increase sales by building brand equity, stimulating purchases, improving loyalty and customer retention. If you have a website which needs improving or testing then we can. We offer usability testing (filming website users undertake a range of shopper or other missions) and consumer research to understand exactly what your customers want from your website. We provide practical advice which will help transform your business whether you are in fashion and clothing, electrical, banking, grocery or any other retail sector.