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Vision One have been working with retailers and talking to shoppers since our inception back in 1999, and our directors even longer than that! Understanding shoppers and shopping behaviours and decision making is at the heart of what we do and that’s why we can be confident in our claim as a specialist UK shopper research agency.

Our range of shopper research services techniques are aimed at using customer insight to create and refine new ideas, measure customer satisfaction, track marketing performance or simply helping brands to understand their shoppers.

Retail and shopper insight is the foundation to developing a real and deep understanding of how customers think and feel about your product or service. Beyond our experience, our range of research and insight approaches, includes;

Focus Groups

Well established and an excellent way to probe into the broad social collective mindset of your customer segments. Best suited to attendees and broad behaviours in store or at home. All our focus groups are moderated by highly experienced qualitative directors Victoria Wood and Tony Lewis.

Accompanied shopping trips (ASTs)

ASTs provide an excellent opportunity into the ways in which shoppers go about their task and paths to purchase. Encouraging respondents to share their thoughts and stream consciousness can unlock important insights.

Eye Tracking

Our mobile eye tracking technology allows us to see the world through the shoppers eyes – exploring what they fixate on and what they ignore or don’t see.

In-store filming

Small mobile remote cameras can be used to find out what it actually happening on the fixture and provides important metrics about whether or not customers are stopping and engaging with the category/brand.

Exit and in-store shopper surveys

Our national in-store and high street face to face fieldwork team can conduct shopper surveys throughout the UK. Surveys provide important measures on customer attitudes and behaviours for reliable strategic decision making.

As one of the UK’s leading Retail Market Research Companies our consultancy services offer a diverse range of unique and tailor-made products and services designed to help both online and high street retailers develop successful brand and retail marketing strategies. These include: Exploring the customer journey, Advertising and Point of Sale (POS) evaluation, Brand strategy (including: Targeting and Customer Segmentation research, Brand Proposition and Positioning, Customer Satisfaction. Our experience is diverse and have worked with many of the UK’s leading retailers including: Food and Grocery, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Clothing and Fashion research, Electronics and Technology, Health and Beauty to name just a few.

We offer UK and International retailers first class shopper insights that help manufacturers and retailers understand in-store behaviour, motivations and decisions. Our studies explore shopper behaviour around: store layout, category layout, packaging, promotions and in-store communications and provide competitive advantage in these areas. Our skills and expertise as a retail insight company are not only in collecting data, but also converting shopper insights into action – enabling our clients to increase sales by building brand equity, stimulating purchases, improving loyalty and customer retention. If you have a website which needs improving or testing then we can. We offer usability testing (filming website users undertake a range of shopper or other missions) and consumer research to understand exactly what your customers want from your website. We provide practical advice which will help transform your business whether you are in fashion and clothing, electrical, banking, grocery or any other retail sector.

For further information about our work across our Shopper Research services, or to help you with any research requirements you might have then please call on 0203 693 3150 or use the contact form below.