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Customer Segmentation Research

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Most marketers appreciate the importance of correctly identifying their target market and segmenting their customers. As specialists in Customer Segmentation techniques and Usage and Attitude surveys (U&A), we have the research and analysis tools to help our clients position their businesses correctly and ensure they are targeting and attracting the right customers, to improve profitability and communication strategies.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the process of classifying your market into groups of consumers who share similar traits and characteristics – with the aim of predicting common behaviours within each segment. Such studies are often conducted on the back of Usage and Attitude surveys which capture much of the information required to undertake a segmentation programme.

At a very basic level, customer segmentation may consist of simple demographics such as age, gender, household composition and social class, while we often adopt more powerful sophisticated approaches to incorporate consumer attitudes (psychographics) and behaviours.

Our Process

Our targeting and segmentation processes involve both qualitative and quantitative methodologies incorporating exploratory research techniques to identify the motivations, attitudes and behaviours of customers. In addition to geographic and demographic segmentation approaches, we also overlay psychographic and behavioural variables to provide a unique multivariate segmentation of the market that is intuitive and actionable.

For further information please email our segmentation expert Tony Lewis on 0151 945 0150 or complete the online enquiry form.