About Adam

With over 5 years’ experience in the research industry, Adam is Vision One’s Client Development Manager. He started his career working in the manufacturing sector before graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a Social Science degree, which is where his passion for research and strategic thinking began to develop. Adam also gained extensive experience in the Retail and Insurance sectors before joining Vision One over four years ago.

Why a career in market research?

I did a number of research modules as part of my degree course at Uni and enjoyed it. When I moved back to Liverpool after 7 years living in Leeds, I was looking for research agencies and found Vision One and they’ve been stuck with me ever since.

Over the past four years, what’s been the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

Working with an international education provider who wanted to gain insights into the feasibility of their idea in the UK. This was a mixed methodology project with some focus groups as well as an online study and seeing how the two aspects dovetailed each other and provided our client with the insight they required was fun to be involved with.

What should be the priority for research agencies in 2020?

We all need to make sure we always on what the client wants and needs, and not get distracted too much with what is seen as ‘hot/on-trend’ right now.. I sometimes think people can get a little distracted with a new topic/product and this makes it easy to lose sight of why people actually commission research – which is to solve a problem.

What frustrates you most about the industry?

Too many long and time-consuming email threads which can be easily bypassed by a 5-10 minute phone call! Personally, speaking to people over the phone can get to the crux of an issue a lot quicker then an email thread, but maybe that’s just me!

Any book recommendations?

Professionally – Snoop by Sam Gosling.

If you have any interest in the psychology of why people make the choices they do and how they project elements of their personality subconsciously, then this book will be right up your street.

Personally – The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

Ever since seeing the original IT mini-series when I was (a lot) younger, I was always a fan of Stephen King’s works. The Dark Tower is his magnus opus and spans 7 books (well, 7-and-a-half now), with the addition of a newer mini story) and is just a great read, though you’ll need to put aside a bit of time to get through all of the books though!

To find out more about Adam visit our meet the team page. Alternatively, you can find him on LinkedIn

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