Our Latest Q&A with our Data Analyst Kieran Dawes

Meet one of our newest members of the team Kieran Dawes. Kieran is our Data Analyst who has been with us since the new year and is settling in with Vision One nicely, so we decided to ask him a few questions to find out how he’s finding the job.

For those who don’t know Kieran, he studied Astrophysics at university and has joined VIsion One to help support and develop our quantitative data analysis and reporting across a wide range of projects from Brand Tracking to Concept Testing.

What is your greatest professional strength?

I’d personally say my mindset and analytical approach to work is my biggest strength, I’m always competing with myself to do better than last time, identifying weak points and planning out how to overcome them, it’s helped me progress an awful lot since I started back in January.

Why a career in market research?

After finishing a BSc in astrophysics I wanted to apply my analytical and mathematical skills in a more practical manner that was a bit more varied than traditional scientific research routes. Market research is plenty varied and fast-moving enough to keep me engaged and on my toes.

What branch of research fascinates you the most?

I mainly enjoy the diagnostic phases of analysis, understanding why certain concepts/ads/brands fail and why others succeed, it’s great looking into how markets operate in different sectors and the psychology behind consumer decision making.

What should be the priority for research agencies in 2022?

Understanding the impacts of the accelerated digitization of seemingly all aspects of life that covid has caused. Consumers have found themselves in a totally different marketplace than 2 years ago through no choice of their own, but identifying any benefits to carry forward without bringing negatives with them will undoubtedly be a challenge as different demographics will have very different ideas about which processes are worth keeping and which are a hindrance.

What do you see as a threat for the sector?

The unpredictable and sometimes fickle nature of consumer behaviour. in one regard this is what keeps the field interesting and engaging, but you know when major market shifts are going to happen that change consumer behaviour in an instant, completely throwing off any modelling or predictions made.

and finally…

Any Hobbies?

Outside of work, my life revolves around music mostly, playing in bands, going to gigs and festivals typically a few times a month, teaching a handful of guitar students I kept on from when I used to teach more regularly, collecting records. Besides music I’m an avid reader, do a fair bit of photography and go to the gym regularly.

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