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Vision One is delighted to announce that we have achieved a Bronze Level accreditation with Investors In the Environment (IIE)!

This accreditation comes alongside our mission to become a Net-Zero Carbon company by 2026. We have been working extremely hard to attain this goal, and this award is an important step towards this and positively impacts the world we live in.

Investors In The Environment Bronze Award Vision One

Who are Investors In The Environment?

Investors in the Environment (IIE) was created in 2010 by PECT, an environmental charity on a mission to create sustainable places. PECT wanted to bridge the gap between effective environmental management and businesses, to help companies reach their sustainable goals.

The IIE certification is a national environmental accreditation that provides support and guidance along the way. There is a designated sustainability framework document for businesses to follow and action their green changes. The certification is based on the business’s performance, so having the available framework makes it quicker and easier for any company to participate.

To start our green mission, Vision One created 'The Green Team’.

Kendra Furey Client Success Manager Vision One
Kendra Furey

Head of Client Success

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Charlotte Baird Head of Qualitative Vision One
Charlotte Baird

Head Of Qualitative

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Dominic Moore Senior Marketing Executive Vision One
Dominic Moore

Senior Marketing Executive

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Kendra Furey Client Success Manager Vision One

Kendra Furey has taken the lead as Sustainability Champion for Vision One, introducing new practices and developing plans for the future, she recently commented on our accreditation:

“I am extremely proud of everyone at Vision One for their contribution towards our sustainability goal so far, and excited to continue our journey of becoming a net-zero carbon company! It has been a fascinating experience learning about how as a company we can come together to make a difference in the world.”

Kendra Furey, Sustainability Champion

Starting off, the team at Vision One had to create baseline measures so we could ensure our efforts are having a positive effect on our resource usage going forward. We have also developed our existing environmental policies to ensure our procedures can be accessed by the team. As well as this, Vision One has created targets and an action plan to achieve the next levels: silver and green.

Our mission to become a greener business has also had a great knock-on effect on our team dynamic and communications. We are constantly planning events to take part in that help the environment, including litter picking, tree planting and green initiatives in the workplace

Going Green Initiative

There are many steps you can take to become greener. Some of the steps we follow at work and at home are:

  • Turn lights off when not in use
  • Ban one-use plastic at work and out and about
  • Turning off equipment at the end of the day and over weekends
  • Make an environmental policy and waste management plan available to the team
  • Change lightbulbs to LEDs
  • Encourage correct workwear during spikes of weather, e.g. jumpers instead of putting the heating on, opening windows of aircon
  • Make most of the bins for recyclable materials
  • Create your sustainability champion to ensure rules are followed
  • Organise team training in sustainable ways


What’s Next?

We are not going to rest on our laurels; Bronze is just the start! We have already put in place the strategies needed to achieve Silver, something we hope to achieve in the coming six months or so.

Ultimately we are striving for the Green Award, which will take a little longer but we are well on track to achieve Net Zero by 2026.



If something like Investors In The Environment is something you think your brand could benefit from, feel free to drop us a message, and we can get you in touch with the right people so you, too, can make a difference and improve the world in a better way!


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