Vision One gets a Facelift and Brand Refresh

As you may have noticed, we have been doing some decorating recently and have given our brand and sub-brands a bit of a makeover with a brand refresh.

Following a strategic brand review earlier this year, we decided to enhance Vision One’s brand proposition and strengthen the visual identity. For years, well since 1999 when the company was founded, we’ve been helping organisations improve customer satisfaction, launch new products and develop and monitor their brand and communications through fresh and intelligent insights. As part of our review we soon realised that most of our projects were largely about the ‘Discovery’ of new insights and this became the foundation of our proposition. We think of ourselves as more than a market research or insight agency and we now describes ourselves an Insight Discovery Agency.

Whilst science and scientific rigour plays an important part in the discovery of new insights, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that the best insights come from a concoction of smart questioning, analysis and years of experience that somehow turn results into insights into both tangible and actionable business decisions. These more qualitative skills are arguably more associated with Artistry rather than scientific methods, and hence we adopted a new strapline to convey what we are really about… ‘The Art of Discovery’.

Our visual identity has also moved on. We have introduced supporting visuals for our logo which features a brain (in the form of abstract art) along with cogs. This visual embodiment of the brand is to help convey the idea that we are dealing with people’s hearts and minds. In some ways it is similar to the balancing effect shown by ‘Yin and Yang – but here we are dealing with both the rational and emotional mind with the cogs providing a more functional and rational component to the image.

The branding will be rolled out in January 2017.

Please ‘like this page’ (below) to let us know if you like our new branding… We welcome your thoughts so if you have any suggestions or ideas then please get in touch with us.