The Creator

The Sage, The Scholar, The Visionary

The Creator Archetype Vision One

The Creator brand archetype is a visionary, non-conformist and authentic. The Creator has the desire to craft something meaningful and special. They love new ideas and making things happen. The Creator gets deep satisfaction from both the process and the outcome of creating something that did not previously exist and therefore a natural fit for many marketing, design, and technology brands.

Being mainly driven by their core desire to produce and create exceptional and enduring works and inventions, they are most afraid of anything mediocre. Everything has to be perfect. And this very desire for perfection can lead to their downfall. At their very best they are imaginative, expressive and innovative – at their worst, they are self-indulgent, melodramatic and narcissistic.

The Creator – Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: To realise a vision

Strategy: To Develop artistic control and skill

Greatest Fear: Mediocre vision or execution

Personalities: Artisan, Innovator, Inventor

Key Attributes: Innovative, Imaginative, Creative, Artistic, Experimental, Willing to take risks, Ambitious, Desire to turn ideas into Reality, Inventor, Musician, Writer, or Dreamer.

The Creator Archetype Explained:

Also known as the inventor, artist, writer, and entrepreneur, this archetype desires freedom of expression and doesn’t like to feel stifled.

Customers of the Creator shun advertising but may enjoy experimental or novel ads. They can be difficult to appeal to sometimes but successful brands will develop a devout and very loyal fan base, for example, Apple.

Creator brands promise Authenticity.

Creator brands often position themselves as the key to unlocking a creator’s creativity. Their main focus is self-expression.  The worst thing that could happen to a Creator archetype would be to be seen as inauthentic or a ‘sell-out’.

APPLE – ‘The First Macintosh Commercial’

This ad is the first glimpse of the first Macintosh computer. 1984 and as old as it is, Apple did promote themselves as a world creator. They knew they were on to something big and made it dramatic and almost scary – something the world has not seen before. The theme of the ad is based around the idea of a world announcement when introducing the Macintosh. ‘And you’ll see why 1984 wont be like 1984’ – clever and mysterious, oozing innovation.



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