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Why Customer Segmentation improves your business

At a very basic level, customer segmentation may consist of simple demographics, such as; age, gender, household composition and social class. Whilst easy to develop, they tend to be overly simplistic and fail to get to the true motivations and behaviours of your target audience. This is why  we prefer to develop more powerful sophisticated approaches to ensure you have a unique and defensible view of the market.

Vision One has been curating inspiring insights for over 20 years, in the UK and globally, from small-scale businesses to market leaders. Producing value for brands to compete in the market and increase ROI by streamlining and saving departments time and energy to focus on what’s important, the journey or your customers. Segmentation has many benefits and helps companies with:

  • Expanding their current market share by optimising customer acquisition
  • Increasing the level of customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Decreasing costs through staff time to increase profits through improved targeting
  • Producing a more efficient sales and marketing funnel
  • Generating greater cut-through communications that produce successful campaigns


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Customer Segmentation Methods

The golden rule for any segmentation is to create something unique and tailored to you. Why? Very simply if all companies use the same segments they will compete directly with each other and go after the same customers with the same solutions. So Think Differently!

Behavioural Segmentation Vision One

Behavioural segmentation can be an effective solution – as people rarely change their behaviours. This could include behaviours such as shopping behaviour, usage behaviours (e.g. frequency, quantity, type), and even brand or product loyalty

Psychographic Segmentation Vision One
Psychographic segmentation divides groups based on more unique characteristics.
This could include subconscious or conscious beliefs, motivations, and priorities to explain and predict consumer behaviour.
Demographics Research Vision One Colour
Demographic segmentation effectively targets an audience based on their identification.
This could include age, gender, marital status, family size, income, education, occupation, nationality, and more.

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B2B Segmentation & Firmographics

Unlike Consumer Segmentation, Business-to-business (B2B) companies will adopt a different approach to segmentation – typically using firmographic segmentation and roles & responsibilities to divide up the businesses in a market.

This is similar to demographic segmentation with individual consumers but instead looks at the characteristics of companies that may become customers. Examples of data to look at include industry, revenue, number of employees and location.

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Customer Segmentation

Bringing Customer Segmentation To Life

Where businesses fail, is when brands believe that segmenting their customers is enough. This method and philosophy have to be embedded into a brand's journey, having staff who have bought in and understand the power of having different segments is what makes a company flourish through segmentation. Ways that make this transition easier are:

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Having a clearly defined set of customer personas, allowing the segments found to be assigned and relatable for staff

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Behaviours and attitudes are a key segment to understanding subliminal decision-making factors

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