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This Brand Archetypes quiz, or brand personality test, is the first step towards improving your brand appeal and brand equity.

Brand Personality has been shown to be one of the most influential aspects of success for many brands. By simply answering a few simple questions, you will discover how you see your brand archetype and optimise your dominant brand personality.

Understanding your brand personality is an essential step towards building your brand and business and will enable you to attract customers that truly resonate with your brand.

The Vision One Brand Archetypes quiz has been heavily researched and tested and is currently one of the best available for FREE. Upon completing this short brand archetype quiz, you will receive a summary outlining which Brand Archetype best characterises your brand along with some tips. A more detailed summary of each Brand Archetype is also available if required.

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The concept behind archetyping can be traced back to the philosopher Plato, and his ideas about elemental forms. These archetypes reconcile with everyone because they help us understand ourselves and the world around us.

How Brand Archetypes Work

Archetypes are able to tell a story about yourself, your business, or your brand because it uses universal ideas and values and turns them into a tangible outcome that is associated with your persona. By doing so, you are left with a narrative that can be easily digested and understood as they are essentially stereotypes we are taught from a very young age.

Understandable Vision One
The Innocent

The Innocent brand archetype has a desire to just be free and happy and keep life simple. They fear doing things wrong but are optimistic and hopeful.

Dynamic Brand Growth Vision One
The Hero

The Hero’s main motivation is to prove their worth, and their greatest fear is showing weakness.  The Hero strives to leave their mark on the world.

Behavioural Segmentation Vision One
The Regular Guy

The Regular Guy archetype aim to be on the same level as the consumer, treating them as equals and tend to be  unpretentiousand humble

Reputation Research Vision One
The Caregiver

The caregiver is driven by their need to protect and care for others. They offer protection, safety and support for their customers. 

New Product Development Vision One Colour
The Creator

The Creator brand archetype is a visionary, non-conformist and authentic. The Creator loves new ideas and making things happen,

Cultural Research Vision One
The Explorer

The Explorer brand archetype craves adventure and wants to just discover the world for themselves. They are independent, ambitious and spiritual.

think outside the box Vision One
The Rebel

The rebel brand archetype is an expert in developing truly radical ideas, services and products.  Some rebel brands can be seen as revolutionary, 

Desirable Brand Growth Vision One
The Lover

The Lover is about creating relationships and evoking emotions. They want to make people feel special and fostering intimacy

Competition Research Vision One
The Ruler

The Ruler brand archetype is driven by its strong power and control. Rulers are known for speaking authoritatively and the leaders in their field.

VR Headset Vision One
The Jester

The Jester lives in the moment and just enjoy life. They fear boredom above everything. Jesters tend to give the impression they live on the wild side

Innovation Vision One
The Magician

Magician brand archetypes will promote themselves as the gate to transformative experience and they will focus on individuals rather than the group,

Psychographic Segmentation Vision One
The Sage

The Sage brand archetype seeks the truth and wants to find the good and the wisdom in all situations. They promise learning and teaching.

How brand archetypes started

Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychologist, work was developed from Plato’s theory, believing that humans use symbolism as a means to understand their world. This is achieved by introducing age-old stories to which humans can feel characters are instantly recognisable by us because they’re part of our shared collective unconscious.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell began exploring how these archetypes our inherent need for meaning in the world through mediums of art, literature, pop culture and beyond. These thoughts are how archetypes are widely accepted in today’s world. These archetypes are now heavily represented in manners such as film or book characters. Examples of this can be seen with Mary Poppins portraying the caregiver archetype and Spider-man projecting the hero archetype.

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