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Packaging Research

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Optimising sales through Packaging Research

As a brand owner, you know that packaging design and communications are your most powerful marketing tools. Packaging is particularly important at the point of purchase (POP) and is sometimes described as the ‘Moment of Truth’ – where Shelf Visibility and product recognition become the key drivers for brand success.

To us, it’s about seeing through the eyes of the shopper. Therefore using the latest packaging research tools to help you understand how your customers interact with your packaging, how they perceive its visuals, its messaging and its functionality.  It’s about digging deep to produce real insight that reveals clear opportunities to refine communications, design and labelling.

If you are at the early stages of the product development process then check out our concept development and testing services as these can also incorporate packaging research elements.

At Vision One, we like to break new ground and provide a deeper level of insight for our clients. That’s why we developed our own, market-leading packaging testing tool PackProbe. It’s an emotion-based packaging evaluation methodology with System 1 thinking. This innovative approach to packaging testing mimics real-time shopping experiences by asking people to make a selection from an interactive virtual shelf - under time-pressure conditions.

PackProbe explores how people feel and how they respond to your pack.  Crucially, it gives you the insight you need to spot areas of weakness so you can make improvements - before launch. We also incorporate eye tracking to evaluate the visual impact and attention-grabbing qualities of your packaging design (in isolation and compared to competitor packs).

Packaging Solutions

Designed for brand owners and packaging design agencies, our range of agile pack development and testing services caters for both ongoing projects and quick turnaround, cost-effective approaches.  We adapt our approach to meet your timeline and budget - providing key insight without compromising on accuracy or value: 

Health Checks –to benchmark your current packaging and to help guide re-design efforts to optimise sales. Includes our Visual Attention Analysis to assess impact.

Pack Development and Discovery – Qualitative exploration to uncover opportunities and drive pack innovation. This also includes specific product claims, the hierarchy of messaging, brand and product cues etc. However, it also delves deeper to look at consumers evolving attitudes to the environment and what constitutes green/eco-friendly packaging.

Packaging Communications - Knowing your product and the hierarchy of information is so important. You might have a great product, but if you aren't clearly conveying your key messages through your packaging's visuals and content, then it's not going to perform well on the shelf.

Full Pack Testing (PackProbe) – Quantitative System 1 led approach to optimising and validating pack designs (with optional eye-tracking). Can include concept tests and price optimisation research.

Screening (PackProbe Lite) – A quick, cost-effective quantitative approach designed to test and screen multiple new packaging formats and designs. This more agile approach covers a broad number of ideas, rather than in-depth evaluation.

Predictive Eye tracking Visual Analysis

7 Functions of Packaging

  1. Attracting buyers' attention
  2. Quick and easy (brand) identification
  3. Protecting the goods inside (including freshness)
  4. Easy to open, use and re-seal
  5. Communicate product and brand
  6. Provide warranty, warnings, ingredients and usage information (e.g. recycling).
  7. Ultimately promote interest/purchasing

Packaging Testing Research

Pack Testing is one of the most powerful tools available to maximise your packaging’s sales and profits – getting it right is crucial. Typically we would expect to see an uplift of 10% to 100% from optimised pack designs.

As a specialist packaging insights and design testing agency, Vision One has developed market-leading tools, including our unique Peripheral Vision Test, to explore and optimise all key components of pack design. If you’d like to explore how our innovative pack testing research works, please just click on the PackProbe logo below or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.


Our packaging expertise includes; Food and Drink, Toiletries and Cosmetics, Retailing and e-Commerce.

Client Examples

Branding and Packaging can make or break a product. Follow in the footsteps of some of these leading brands who recently chose Vision One for their packaging research.

Kettle Vision One

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vision One. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. I would definitely recommend their services.

Huhtamaki Vision One

Lifting The Lid

Understanding customer perceptions on plastic lids and their tendencies to recycle

Brioche Pasquier Vision One

Baking For Success

Fresh insights into packaging design and messaging for the world’s largest Brioche brand

Hormel Vision One

Going Nuts

Developing the Brand Equity for the Skippy Peanut Butter brand

Washing Machines Need Love!

Developing and refining a new and successful laundry care product for European markets

Lindt Vision One

Pure Indulgence

Developing scrumptious new product ideas for the UK Chocolate Consumer

Client Testimonials

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