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At Vision One, we like to combine innovative techniques with traditional methods to explore new ground and reveal a richer, deeper understanding of your brand, markets, customers and culture.

Ethnographic research sometimes referred to as ‘deep dive’ or ‘customer visits’, is an increasingly popular approach that gains rich consumer insights. Ethnography gets you closer to the truth. It immerses you into your consumers’ daily lives, exploring key parts of the customer journey – in or outside the home.

Ethnography focuses on discovering new insights and ways of thinking and is perfectly suited to innovation and new product development. Observing your consumers in their own environment gives you a very real insight into their experiences. So, expect eureka moments, game-changing discoveries and flashes of inspiration.

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Benefits Of Ethnographic Research

Watch as they explore or use a particular product or service, or try to complete certain tasks (e.g. cooking and mealtimes, DIY projects, cleaning, beauty & makeup, shopping, watching TV etc). It answers questions you didn’t know existed, highlights obstacles and barriers to use and inspires opportunities for development, improvements and change. Being able to ‘see’ your consumers in their own environment gives a very real reflection of how they interact with that environment. Our researchers can observe the way they respond to things, use things, communicate or explore. Above all, It allows you to truly understand the obstacles and challenges they face, the things that bring them satisfaction, frustration or joy. We give you a realistic picture of your customers' attitudes, behaviours, struggles and motivations. The benefit? You can innovate, find solutions, make improvements and build relationships. Also allowing you to evolve and grow. Ethnographic research is ideal for:

Identify Opportunities Vision One

Identifying new ideas and opportunities

Customer Journey Colour Vision One

Understanding the customer journey

Product Testing Research Vision One

UX Usability and Product Testing

Story to life Vision One

Brings insights and stories to life

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Types of Ethnography

Bringing you closer to the consumer and avoiding the pitfalls of ‘claimed behaviour’ (Say-Do Gap) arms you with sound insight. Leading to confident strategic decisions and a great ROI. Ethnography includes:

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Life-Logging and photo compilations

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Mobile ethnography

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Diaries and video diaries

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Traffic counting

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In-store shopper observation

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In-home audits (larder, rubbish, shopping receipts)

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Social media investigations and audits

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Online Website and App behaviours

Eye Tracking

Eye-tracking is perfect for communications development and exploring customer experiences.

Understanding how the subconscious mind works can be a game-changer. Most Importantly when it comes to shopping & communications, which often involve greater degrees of subconscious behaviours such as buying trances. Eye-tracking accurately records whether or not your consumer ‘sees’ your product or marketing – including which areas attract interest first, which are engaging enough to encourage them to linger and which areas are glossed over entirely.

Mobile Ethnography

Mobile ethnography is ideal for exploring both in-store and online shopping behaviour and in-home behaviours.

To us, market research is an exciting journey of discovery. Most importantly, it is about challenging perceptions, exploring things from different angles to provide a whole new level of insight. It’s truly powerful stuff.

Our Expert Team

Tony Lewis CEO Vision One
Tony Lewis

CEO, Author (MMRS, FCIM)

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Helen Mole Senior Account Executive Vision One
Helen Mole

Senior Account Executive

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