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We have developed a new consumer-led development approach and philosophy called Innovision – created especially for clients looking to optimise their new product development and user experiences.

We understand that you want your ideas to be successful and avoid any costly mistakes. Innovision is about pushing boundaries at every possible stage of product development. To explore, understand and discover in a whole new way. The result? Fast-paced, rigorous data and insight that supports the advancement of your product ideas quickly and cost-effectively.

Innovision is an NPD philosophy that can be applied to parts of the NPD process to ensure success. Its thinking is applied to everything we do, from Ideation to Concept Development, Concept Testing, Packaging Testing, Pricing research, Brand Proposition, Brand Positioning and Volume Estimation. It’s a game-changing approach that works.

To achieve excellence, you need to get a thorough understanding of your customer, their needs and where their priorities stand. UX research helps you fully step into your customers’ shoes.


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“Vision One supported me with independent product testing featuring Simoniz & competitors, with the aim of being able to go to the market raising awareness of Simoniz performance vs competitors”

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How we Help your NPD and Product Research

Working across a range of industries, which includes Technology, Food and Drink, Retail, Leisure and Finance, we use a range of discovery methods, from ideation sessions, focus groups and depth interviews to online concept tests and in-home user tests. We appreciate that you need rapid, cost-effective results that don’t compromise on quality. Innovision perfectly blends the incredible depth of insight and staggering efficiency. Some of our brand and NPD research company services include:

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Creating New Ideas

Brilliant ideas help to set brands apart.  And when they are sparked from moments of genius inspiration, carefully researched and perfectly executed, the impact can be transformative. We are collaborators, working with you, industry experts and real consumers to help you experience eureka moments so you can invent and refine the very best, new ideas.

Concept Testing

When you place real people at the heart of your innovation, NPD can truly propel your business. It’s about understanding how to create and develop an idea that has a real future.  Exploring how to develop and polish your concepts and ideas through every step of the process – the innovation lifecycle.  It’s exciting, eye-opening and dynamic.

Product Testing

In addition to Concept testing, we evaluate a product or service by testing it with representative users. During the test, participants consume or use a product – this can involve  completing a task whilst our staff observe. The ability to observe or video record testing sessions allows us to determine any problems or barriers to customer satisfaction with both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Pricing Research

Find out what your consumers are willing to pay for your product or service with the Price Sensititvity Meter (PSM) enabling your brand to determine optimal price points and also understand Brand Price Trade Off (BPTO).

Why Vision One

Team of Experts with 23 years helping hundreds of brands create and deliver great products through actionable research insights



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Product Development Capabilities

Surprisingly, many ad-hoc or off-the-shelf concept testing approaches rarely take sufficient account of the market and any competition! This ultimately means that any recommendations are inaccurate and inevitably overestimate the opportunity for any new idea. Over the years, we’ve seen this overestimation is the key reason why most products (even when researched) fail shortly after launch and some rather red faces along the way!

One of the secrets to a successful concept testing approach is to ensure the concept is very clear in the customer’s mind. You need to be clear about what you are offering, so they can tell you whether they like or want it or not. Most consumers will never buy a product or service without knowing the price. So how can we expect them to give reliable answers to unpriced concept tests? For this reason, we always favour priced concept tests.

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About Our NPD Product Innovision

Innovision is based on several important principles that shape everything we do from a research and development point of view. It recognises that:

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Established brands and products have an unfair advantage over new products in that they have already developed consumer loyalty and a place in people’s hearts and minds. New product ideas need to disrupt the status quo and have strong points of difference with existing offerings. Uniqueness is hard to achieve but essential to success.

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Replicating what others have done before is rarely enough to guarantee success. You need to offer an alternative that is not only different but better. The advantage isn’t just rational such as quicker and cheaper. It can also be emotional and focus on how it is more attractive or more modern, normally it is often a combination of both.

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Meeting consumer needs is a fundamental part of all successful brands and ultimately developing interest, love and purchase intention. Fail to produce a product or service that fills a need, your consumers will be swayed towards your competitors.

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How We Help Guide You To Success

We help companies achieve success, and our expertise is backed up by our clients who voted us Market Research Agency of the year.

Don’t just take our word for it; take the multi-year Best Market Research Company awarded by The Drum and our international ISO 20252:2012 accreditation as our guarantee of working closely with your brand to produce brand growth.


If you are curious to know more about how we could work together, or how our insights can grow your business, then please give call us on 0203 693 3150 or use the contact button below.

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