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The Food and Drink sector is one of the most innovative markets. Why? Because we are all consumers in and out of the home, surrounded by new trends, conflicting information and a plethora of choices for products and stores. With so many established and new/emerging brands vying for consumers’ attention, it has never been more vital to understand what makes customers tick.

What do brands need to do to succeed?

Can you grab their attention? What drives consumers to buy? How effective are your brand identity and the visuals of your brand messaging? In what manner can you position yourself as the market leader? Food and Drink Research will tell you everything you need to know.

Researching your target markets’ behaviour, needs, and preferences produce insights that proactively expand a brand in the ever-evolving market. Starting your research journey allows the brand to break new ground and discover avenues for growth.

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Our Food and Drink Research Services

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Eye-Tracking Research

We are experts in eye-tracking and have a comprehensive range of cutting-edge tools for measuring consumers’ visual attention, including stationary, mobile, online, field-of-view.

Our mobile eye tracking is ideal for in-situ research (shopping, driving, playing sports, surfing the internet etc). We even offer predictive AI-based eye-tracking called VAA (Visual Attention Analysis).

Vision One boasts a complete suite of eye-tracking tools, giving us the ability to tackle any research problem related to conscious or unconscious visual attention and behaviour.


Segmenting Customers

Customer Segmentation

Defining your target market is essential for effective marketing for all businesses. Customer segmentation breaks your target audience down into smaller, more manageable segments based on a variety of characteristics –  including demographics, attitudes, needs, values, behaviours and geography.

Most marketers would agree that the first and arguably the most important step in developing your marketing strategy is defining your target market – we help you avoid the pitfalls and get it right.

Customer Segmentation

Shopper Research

Shopper Research

As behavioural researchers, we specialise in observation and ethnography to gain a clear and unobtrusive view of how consumers naturally behave in the digital and real worlds.

Observation research involves unobtrusively and naturalistically observing your customers’ behaviour – to determine how they naturally respond to a product displays, websites, products or situations. These insights often provide the most natural, compelling and actionable insights possible.

We also specialise in exploring and understanding Shopper Journeys giving you insights how people shop.

Shopper Research


If you require packaging research, our pack testing and development tool – PackProbe, might be the answer!

In a competitive market, your product must stand out. The packaging and messages need to attract the consumer and resonate with them. How does yours perform? Can it be improved? 

Combining it with qualitative focus groups or eye-tracking for extra powerful insights.

Packaging Research


NPD & Innovation

We have developed a new consumer-led development approach and philosophy called Innovision – created especially for clients looking to optimise their new product development and user experiences.

From Co-creation & Ideation to Product testing, we understand that you want your ideas to be successful and avoid any costly mistakes. Innovision is about pushing boundaries at every possible stage of product development. To explore, understand and discover in a whole new way. The result? Fast-paced, rigorous data and insight that supports the advancement of your product ideas quickly and cost-effectively.

NPD & Product Research


Brand Tracking

Brand Tracking

Today’s most successful brands are those that create meaning whilst also connecting with people on an individual and cultural level. We call this Brand Love.

But that’s not always enough. Evaluating hundreds of food and drink brands, our innovative brand research methods also show how important it is for brands to engage on a rational and emotional level.

We’ve learnt much about brands over the years – both in practice and by exploring the historical and emerging theories behind their success.

tracking YOUR brAND

Sensing (Emotion0)

Emotion Analysis

Vision One uses sophisticated and cutting-edge biometric and facial expression analysis technology to measure people’s sensory and facial responses to stimuli, indicating how they really feel about a product, brand or service.

Biometrics measure the intensity of emotional engagement towards a product or service by reading their facial expressions (FACE), measuring the conductivity of their skin (Galvanic Skin Response) or heart rate variability (HRV); this is similar to how lie detectors work.

Emotion Analysis


Advanced Research Unit (ARU)

Our ARU consists of psychologists and neuroscientists giving you access to the latest technologies and thinking in neuromarketing and beyond. We have a sophisticated neuroimaging offering, enabling us to measure your brain waves in response to different stimuli in different environments.

We have a complete suite of EEG (mobile, stationary), with expertise in recording and complex analyses, and expertise in fMRI recording and analysis, with our ARU members specialising in both EEG and fMRI. This can provide you with a clear, true picture of what parts of the brain are activated when processing products, brand or services, telling us why people make certain decisions.

Neuromarketing Research

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Our Research Approach

All our research is customised and designed to your specific requirements. We are food and drink researchers and food scientists with the expertise to investigate even the most challenging subjects through first-class explorative qualitative methods. These include focus groups, eye-tracking, depth interviewing and ethnography.

With the prestigious and internationally recognised ISO 20252 our experienced team, we can manage complex studies, from face-to-face interviewing and hall tests to product testing and observational and shopping studies. 

i-Vision is our suite of eye-tracking research technologies, and neuro-marketing methods are at the forefront of technology and ideal for packaging, communications and many other research applications..

Having worked alongside hundreds of brands for over 20 years – from small independents to global brands within the Food and Drink  – we bring fresh insight and experience to every project.

Client Stories & Case Studies

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