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The most successful brands are those that create meaning whilst also connecting with people on an individual and cultural level. But that’s not always enough. Evaluating hundreds of brands, our innovative branding research methods also show how important it is for brands to engage on a rational and emotional level.

As experts in our field, we’ve learnt a lot about brands over the years – both in practice and by exploring the historic and emerging theories behind their success.

If you want to create or develop your brand strategy and reveal eye-opening insight into your brand – your brand equity, brand proposition, positionings and brand assets – then you’ll love our innovative, collaborative approach to brand development.

We like to dig deeper than most, so we developed our groundbreaking and award-winning approach to measuring and improving brand performance – BrandVision. This can be combined with our AdProbe tool, which we designed specifically to help optimise advertising effectiveness and enhance your marketing campaigns and strategy.

We understand that sometimes you might need a quicker turnaround without compromising on accuracy. That’s why we adapt our approach to meet your timeline – a perfect balance between quicker results and exceptional value.

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Brand Market Research Services

 *  Creative and advertising effectiveness measurement and Brand Tracking
 *  Brand refreshes and Rebranding research
 *  Brand Equity Measurement and Brand Health
 *  Brand image, Proposition and positioning research
 *  Creative development and Copy testing
 *  Consultancy and Training

 *  Branding research: Name, Logo and Brand identity research
 *  Product, Packaging and Pricing research
  *  Sub-branding and Brand Architecture

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How we Help

Specialists in both UK and International branding research, we work with brand owners across the world from large global brands to start-ups. As one of the UK's leading brand research agencies, we give you the insight you need to truly understand how your branding strategy, products and services are working - and how they can be improved to drive innovation and growth. From focus groups and workshops to large-scale ongoing brand tracking studies and global online surveys, we have all the insight tools you'll need.

Behavioural Segmentation Vision One
Research to Optimise Your Brand's Potential

Optimise your brand proposion, positioning and targetting.  Our experts will help you understand your customer and your brand inside out.

Advertising Tracking Experts Vision One
Advertising and Communications

Marketers recognise half their marketing is wasted. With AdProbe and innovative tools, we help you identify this and improve your ROI.

Brand Health Vision One
Brand Tracking and Awareness Measurement

Tracking your Brand, Awarenes and Brand Love, our team of experts are committed to helping you grow your brand through our strategic insights.

Our Client Feedback

“Thanks guys for helping to build and shape the
Dr Beckmann brand.
Long may it continue!”

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“Their insights and expertise greatly enhanced our performance and understanding of our brand health; Vision One are WONDERFUL to work with. Their communication, time management and dedication to question-solving are excellent!”

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“They are methodical in their approach, always looking for the best way to approach a particular area, and genuinely go the extra mile for their clients. I have recommended them to other businesses seeking their expertise”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vision One. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. I would definitely recommend their services.”

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Brand Archetype Quiz

In Brand Research, it’s important to know what your brand stands for and how it is seen by others. There’s no better way to do this than by understanding your Brand Archetype.

Our free Brand Archetype quiz is trusted by marketers and brands worldwide as an effective tool to understand their brand personality and persona. So, if you haven’t taken a Brand Archetype quiz before, have a go – it’s a fantastic starting point in exploring whether your brand really reflects the attributes that you strive for.


Brand Archetype Quiz Vision One
Research Experts Vision One

Best Brand Research Insights
We help you Build your Brand


Creative Insight Agency with a passion for Brand Research. Vision One is one of the UK’s fastest-growing specialist market research agencies. We help brands across the world make better decisions and profit through a deeper understanding of their markets, people and culture.

Recognised by our clients as being one of the most innovative and reliable brand research companies, our expertise is in creating and developing new ideas, measuring brand experiences, tracking marketing performance and giving brand owners the insight they need to understand what makes their customers tick.

As winners of Best Market Research Agency 2021, client feedback is really important to us. Our clients value our collaborative approach, our ability to delve deeper into revealing new levels of insight and, ultimately, our results – they see the real impact that our insights have on their brand growth.

The Vision One Story

We like to explore, pioneer and challenge. If you are looking to grow or disrupt your market or want to really find out what makes your customers tick, we have the tools to help you bring your brand to the party.

Never underestimate Brand Research value
It can be difficult to remain objective when you’re so close to your own brand.  You develop preconceived ideas, mental blocks and emotional ties.  You can easily fail to see the weaknesses – the areas for development.  Brand research can be a total game-changer.  We’re talking unparalleled, deep insight – exploring every element of your brand. Armed with fresh, meaningful, strategic insight, it puts you in the perfect position to make the right decisions, stride ahead of the game and evolve.

Studies show how regular research, like brand tracking, correlates with the highest levels of growth and profitability. But even ad hoc or occasional research can give you the insight you need to develop an edge over your competitors. So, what can you expect from brand research?

  1. You’ll learn where you stand
    The ability to get a clear unbiased view allows you to reveal how your customers and clients truly perceive you – and your competitors.  You can explore your brand in a whole new way, measuring yourself across a comprehensive range of intricate metrics – in real-time. It’s an objective, honest and very real reflection of where your brand sits.
  2. Your Brand Needs evolve
    Consumers evolve with the world around them – their needs change and their motivations shift. For your brand, it’s about understanding those changes and adapting to meet your target customers’ needs. Being able to monitor and explore shifts in behaviour, preferences and attitudes – whether cultural, product-related or other – keeps your brand on the pulse.  It allows you to meet developing needs and react faster to market opportunities. It gives you a visible edge over your competitors.
  3. Reposition Yourself For Success
    Armed with fresh, objective, strategic insight, you have the opportunity to re-evaluate and adapt. You can change direction with confidence, innovate, generate new areas for growth – you can differentiate yourself, shine brighter and truly thrive.

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