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Rapidly growing in popularity, online qualitative research methods are here to stay. Even before Covid-19, the benefits of online qualitative research were clear. They can often be more practical than traditional face-to-face focus groups, especially for harder-to-reach audiences. Online groups can also remove barriers for respondents, are more cost-effective to run, and levels of engagement are high.

Our online qualitative and mobile market research technologies are perfect for both in-home and on the go – whether your target group are shopping, travelling, socialising or working. It allows us to understand your customers in new ways – previously not attainable.

Through observation, exploration, and in-depth discussion and feedback, we can blend a powerful range of data collection methods to bring you a new generation of insights. It’s exciting, eye-opening stuff.

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Our Online Qualitative Services

Brand Health Vision One
Brand Health

How healthy is your brand? is it memorable? How is it perceived? Our Brand Tracking and Brand Equity tools provide critical analysis of your brand in real-time. We measure your brand against the key metrics that drive growth – powerful, indicative measures like Brand Reputation and Brand Awareness.

Ethnography Vision One
Ethnographic Studies

Ethnography gets you closer to the truth. It immerses you in your consumers’ daily lives, exploring and revealing the core parts of their customer journey – in or outside the home. Observe your consumers in their environment to reveal real insight into their true experiences.

Customer Experience (CX) Vision One
Customer Experience (CX)

What do your customers really think and feel when they experience your brand? What draws them to your brand and what acts as a barrier? How can you increase loyalty and conversions?


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Mobile Qualitative

The most portable and accessible method of research for moderators and participants, Mobile Qualitative research doesn’t detract from any aspect of reporting or analysis. On the contrary, it allows for faster immediate responses from participants – from any location.

Mobile is particularly suited to shopping and diary tasks. We set our participants a series of tasks – such as a shopping trip, diary recording their behaviour (mealtimes, cleaning, gardening, watching TV) or thoughts. They then log into our online platform or app to make blog posts or diary entries.

Asynchronous Groups

These are groups that take place over an extended period (i.e. days or weeks). They are similar in style to an internet forum. We post exploratory questions and allow our participants to leave their replies and thoughts underneath.

For a faster pace, our Live Chat option is a great choice. This is more comparable to traditional face-to-face discussion groups and is very dynamic. Respondents visit our chat-room at a fixed time to take part in our live question and answer session.

Video Focus Groups

A natural evolution from traditional Focus Groups, Live Chat and Video Focus Groups allow us to speak to multiple clients or respondents at the same time – anywhere in the country. And because they are usually conducted via a PC and webcam for a conference-style session (with video footage) clients can view the groups privately from a separate room – there’s nothing quite like seeing the live dynamics and emerging insight of a great Video Focus Group, as it happens.

Where focus groups are not feasible or possible, we often use one-to-one Individual Depths or Paired Video Depths. Perfect for more sensitive topics, it’s also a particularly effective option for B2B research.

Benefits of Online Qualitative

Speed Vision One
Mobility Vision One
Location Research Vision One
Time Efficient Research Vision One

Compared to traditional focus groups, qualitative online research provides faster feedback. With quick recruitment and no need for travel, you can expect prompt, insightful results.


We are connected, we embrace technology and we use it to our advantage.  With the increasing use of mobile devices, you can get key insight in the field and on-the-go.


Online research means groups and depths can run simultaneously in one location or across multiple locations – anywhere in the world. Your target audience is no longer limited by geography or international borders.

Time Efficient

Whilst face-to-face research can be a little more time-consuming – from recruitment to feedback – online qualitative can be a much speedier alternative. It’s a more agile approach that acknowledges the increasing focus on faster, leaner research that doesn’t compromise on quality or depth of insight.

Meet our Quallys

Charlotte Baird Head of Qualitative Vision One
Charlotte Baird

Head Of Qualitative

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Tony Lewis

CEO, Author (MMRS, FCIM)

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Hannah Roberts Meet The Team Vision One
Hannah Roberts

Research Manager

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Kendra Furey Client Success Manager Vision One
Kendra Furey

Head of Client Success

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For Clients

Online or face-to-face, focus groups are the most popular techniques. But, that doesn’t mean other methods can’t provide you with the same research benefits. Our comprehensive toolbox also includes Diaries, Video Vox pops, Bulletin Boards and Mobile research.

At Vision One, we know that there are times when questions alone aren’t enough to fully explore an issue. That’s why we also use a variety of other techniques to dig deeper, like behavioural and observational approaches.

Online qualitative research can also be spread over days or even weeks. This allows our expert moderators to develop and test more ideas and hypotheses – an approach that isn’t always possible within the time pressures of a traditional focus group.


For Participants

Attending a focus group and sitting in a room full of strangers for 90 minutes isn’t as intimidating as it sounds!

Worried your opinions might not be the same as everyone else’s? Or that you might say something that you think sounds silly? Focus groups are all about gleaning a range of experiences, ideas and thoughts – anything goes!

Our online focus groups and depth interviews are fun, engaging and really interesting. And you’ll be surprised how quickly you relax and settle into it – it’s like an informal chat within the comfort and privacy of your own home. And that’s why online focus groups provide such valuable insight for our clients.

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