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To us, it’s not just about ‘research’. It’s about combining a fresh approach with intelligent, sensitive analysis to deliver effective and powerful insight.

We are a passionate, energetic and creative strategic research agency. We strive to make sense of the way your customers see the world and deepen your understanding of what truly makes them tick. To us, it’s about combining tried and trusted approaches with innovative techniques grounded in Marketing theory, Psychology and Neuroscience.

We focus on helping our clients to explore and enter new markets, develop new products and services and build their brands and communications across both B2B and Consumer markets.



Qualitative Specialists

Our highly regarded UK qualitative research team is headed up by our director, ensuring success for your brand through actionable research



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Focus Group Research Vision One
Qualitative Methods

We offer a broad range of qualitative market research approaches including:

Focus groups
Depth interviews
Accompanied trips
Expert interviews
Ideation workshops
Brand safaris

Online Research Vision One
Online Qualitative

Online qualitative research methods are conducted via computers or mobile phones:

Online focus groups
Online eye-tracking

Online facial expression
Mobile ethnography
Bulletin boards
Longitudinal studies
Video diaries

Qualitative Research Company Vision One
Qualitative Techniques

Qualitative techniques focus on unlocking the subconsicous mind and real insights

Behavioural economics
Projective techniques
Grounded Theory

System1 techniques
Trend spotting & analysis

Our 5 Star Feedback

“I have worked with Vision One on a range of research, from advertising to U&A studies. They deliver valuable insights that lead to concrete actionable steps. Our collaboration has gained international scope.”

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Why Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research is a dynamic, engaging approach that demystifies, clarifies and explores. It reveals a whole new depth of understanding and insight into opinions, experiences and emotions. Above all, it is about truly exploring and understanding your consumer and what makes them tick. It can:

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Create strategic insights that help you fast forward your business and marketing

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Generate eureka moments. As a result, It is ideal for idea generation, new product development and optimising marketing communications

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Develop the deepest and richest understanding of your customer and customer segments

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Provide the flexibility to respond to (and explore) new or emerging ideas

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Go beyond numbers and explains the ‘why’ (along with highly memorable and engaging stories)

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Most importantly, produce insights that allow your brand to grow naturally, with actionable points

Qualitative Research Experts

Tony Lewis CEO Vision One
Tony Lewis


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Charlotte Baird Head of Qualitative Vision One
Charlotte Baird

Head Of Qualitative

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Adam Lunt Client Development Manager Vision One
Adam Lunt

Head of Client Development

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Hannah Roberts Meet The Team Vision One
Hannah Roberts

Research Manager

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