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Today the most successful organisations use consumer research to put the customer at the heart of their strategy and business planning.

But Why? First, quality consumer research provides meaningful strategic insights to help your business grow. It helps brands develop their understanding of how their customers think and feel. It can transform your marketing, your product launches and, ultimately, your entire brand.

When you work with a consumer research agency that truly understands your brand and your industry sector, you can expect a lot more. We have helped hundreds of brands across the globe to explore, evolve and grow. We design smart research solutions that delve deeper, fully engaging your target customers to reveal exciting new insights to transform your business.

Our strengths lie in our ability to embrace the very best research methods with our own innovative and market-leading research tools. We are experts in branding, disruption, NPD, innovation and communication and our philosophy is simple. Above all, we want to help brands grow with actionable, strategic insights.

In addition to the sectors below, our consumer research experts have a wealth of experience in packaged goods, technology, financial services, travel & leisure, social and housing research

Food & Drink

The food and drink industry is arguably the most diverse, value-driven, and sustainability-focused industry sector in the world. Our research experience covers everything from farm to table worldwide.

Our award-winning  food and drink research services include:

  • Sustainability and messaging
  • Customer needs
  • New product development
  • Sensory and product testing
  • Brand  Development and Tracking
  • Advertising and Comms
  • Customer satisfaction


Shopper & Retail

The retail space and growth of DTC brands as online shopping has become the norm across almost all sectors. We shop through virtual AI assistants and have become custom to next and even same-day delivery. Our needs and expectations are constantly evolving.

We work across Luxury and Fashion, Technology and Finance, Grocery and Leisure. We help brands across the globe to adapt, evolve and grow through a deeper understanding of their shoppers and buying behaviours. Examples include:

  • Shopper Journeys and Behaviours
  • Customer Experience 
  • Brand and Communications development
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Brand Tracking
  • New Product Development


Leisure & Travel

Since our inception in 1999, Vision One Research has worked closely with leading travel, leisure and transport companies. From trains to entertainment – we focus on experiences and the experience economy.

So what’s our aim? To provide clients with the high-quality, intelligent, actionable market research companies need to help your brand truly take off.

From online to in-situ research, we blend different methodologies and tools to produce exceptional insights that transform campaigns, deepen understanding, spark innovation and drive growth.




We provide you with game-changing third-sector and charity research. Insights that help you to answer new questions, explore emerging issues and gain a deeper understanding of perceptions, attitudes and awareness.

Working closely with charities and not-for-profit organisations, our team of social and charity research experts give you the depth of insight you need to make the right strategic decisions, maximise your support, fundraising and donations, manage your brand, connect with key audiences or heighten media coverage.

To us, it’s about giving your charity a whole new level of clarity.



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Consumer & Behavioural Research Solutions

We are award-winning experts in designing bespoke research studies, each tailor-made to our client’s requirements. 

Our expertise covers an extensive range of research methods, including Qualitative and Quantitative research. We are innovators and pioneers in research, so we have a dedicated Advanced Research Unit focused on developing new techniques and approaches. Vision One has three key areas of focus: 1. Branding and communications, 2. NPD and innovation, and 3. Understanding customers, culture, and markets.

Target Audience Research Vision One
Customer Satisfaction Vision One
Need Vision One
Brand Tracking Vision One
Usage & Attitudes (U&A) Vision One
Target Market & Segmentation

Defining your target market is essential for effective marketing for all businesses. Customer segmentation  breaks your target audience down into smaller, more manageable segments based on a variety of  characteristics –  including demographics, attitudes, needs, values, behaviours and geography.

Customer Satisaction (cSat)

Customer Satisfaction studies are a popular way of understanding the customer experience,  customer service and brand loyalty.

We use a range of methods to explore different facets of customer satisfaction from focus groups and depth interivews, to cSat surveys, observation and Social Listening.

Attitudes & Needs

One of the main reasons many businesses conducting any research is to understand their customers’ needs and motivations.

As part of our business and consumer insight services we have qualitative and quantitative methods to look into the lives and aspirations of your target audience. U&A studies are ideal for this.

Brand Research & Tracking

From brand naming and development to brand tracking we have an array of powerful insight tools for brand owners.

Brand research ensures clients always have their finger on the pulse and can see trends before they even emerge.
understand the competition, and ensure all aspects are optimised.

Product & Pricing

For over 20 years we have been helping physical and digital brands build and improve their products and services.

Our product research if both  includes everything from Co-creation and concept development, through to packaging and pricing.

Our award-winning team of research experts has contributed to over 600+ brand success stories, and we would love to contribute to yours, too.  

What our Clients have to Say

“Vision One’s BrandVision has given us new and powerful insights – helping us understand our brand health and shape our strategic decisions going forward.”


“The team were a pleasure to work with. They went above & beyond to deliver an answer to our business issue with tight deadlines and an even tighter budget! I look forward to working with them again!”

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“Their insights and expertise greatly enhanced our performance and understanding of our brand health; Vision One are WONDERFUL to work with. Their communication, time management and dedication to question-solving are excellent!”

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“From enquiring about our research project they sought to really understand our questions and needs. Results were delivered really quickly, managers were friendly, professional & always on hand.”

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