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We help brands and businesses make the right decisions, help grow, and to improve our client’s sales and profits. Our research starts from as little as £5,000!

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Poor research and interpretation will inevitably lead to the wrong conclusions and actions. Our research helps improve the success rate of new products, optimise products and prices, improve marketing effectiveness and build better brands.
[Pro Tip – The best insights almost always come from looking at things from multiple angles and research methods].

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We will help guide you through the research. Whether you are looking for full-service or semi-supported research, we will help you with as little or as much input as you would like. We will help design your survey and do the fieldwork – and with our self-serve dashboards, you can analyse yourself or ask our experts for razor-sharp insights. The choice is yours.

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This pricing page is for potential research buyers looking to gauge the price of a project. Every project differs, and once we understand your requirements, we provide a full and accurate quotation so you know exactly what it costs and how these break down. Our Price Guarantee will ensure you get the best value every time, and we will always endeavour to match or beat any other quote you might have – so why not put us to the test!

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As a guide, good quality research costs in the region of £10,000 up to £50,000. International multi-country research could make the prices even higher. B2B or consumer, our research team will help you find the best solution and ensure it's always value for money. Prices vary so much - here's a very quick guide to how much different types of research cost. For more accuracy use our Research Price Calculator to estimate the cost of your research. Once you have fine-tuned your budget or ready to talk, then please get in touch with the team.

Focus Group Research Vision One
Focus Group Prices

Consumer Focus Group prices are typically around £3,000 or more per group depending on how long they are, where they are and who they are with. Online is cheapest and in person groups typically cost £1k extra per group to cover travel, venue hire. Each group typically has around 7 people per group.

A B2B group typically costs a bit more per group as they tend to be hader to recruit and offer higher incentives.  International groups also cost more to cover translation and travel if required.

Campaign Tracking Research Vision One
Brand Tracking

Consumer brand tracking typically starts from around £10k for a single wave each year. B2B is around £15k. Most brands move slowly so tracking typically involves 1 or 2 per annum unless your are investing heavily. Sample sizes vary but 500 or 1,000 responses per wave is recommended.

International or multi-country trackers become more cost effective with the number of countries involved. A B2B group typically costs 50% more per group.

Visual Attention Analysis Vision One
Eye Tracking Prices

Eye-tracking tends to require smaller samples of 10 to 25 people. Mobile eye-tracking is most expensive and typically up to £1,500 per respondent and is relatively slow – with 4-5 completed sessions per day. These sessions can be conducted anywhere – whilst shopping, at an event etc.

Online is much cheaper (but loses a little in accuracy), but an online survey with 100 eye-tacking sessions could be in the region of £7-£20k.

Focus Group Research Company Vision One

Focus Group Price Calculator (FREE)

Our focus groups can be conducted online or in person. Face-to-face groups can be conducted anywhere (E.g. Hotel, Pub, Shop, Business premises) and are ideal for when the project involves a physical product and being able to see and touch it or when there is sufficient stimulus to be shared and presented or products to be tried/examined.

There is a lot to consider when calculating the cost of a focus group. Each person needs to be recruited to precise criteria, and they need to be incentivised most of the time. The number of respondents in each group will have a direct impact on the costs – however, we typically recommend 6-8 respondents for online and face-to-face groups. The length of the groups also has an impact, but typically, these are 90 minutes but can be extended to 2 hours or even 3-hour workshops if required.




Consumer Buying Habits Usage And Attitude Survey Vision One

Online Survey Price Calculator (FREE)

Online surveys are one of the most popular research methods due to the fact they are quick and often cheaper than other methods such as telephone or face-to-face interviews.

We offer a wide range of surveys to explore a wide range of business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) solutions. Our award-winning services, include; Customer Satisfaction to Brand image, Proposition and Positioning to NPD, Product and Pricing.

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