Terms Of Business

All work undertaken by Vision One Research Limited is subject to the following terms of business, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  1. In all matters, Vision One Research adheres to the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct.
  2. Vision One Research undertakes not to disclose the results of the project or any information obtained in confidence regarding the business of the Client. Similarly, reasonable efforts will be taken to ensure respondents remain anonymous. However, when this is not possible, the personal data transferred to the Client (which may include, and is not limited to, video recordings, audio recordings and photographs) shall be held and processed in accordance with clauses 3 and 4 below. All reasonable precautions will be taken by Vision One Research and the Client to avoid embarrassing the respondents.
  3. Where a party receives personal data from the other party under these terms of business, then both parties will comply with all applicable requirements of all legislation and regulation relating to the use of personal data and the privacy of electronic communications (“Data Protection Law”). This clause 3 is in addition to, and does not relieve, remove or replace, a party’s obligations under the Data Protection Law.
  4. The parties acknowledge that, for the purposes of the applicable Data Protection Law, Vision One Research is the data controller, and the Client is the data processor (where Data Controller and Data Processor have the meanings as defined in the applicable Data Protection Law).
  5. Confidential research specifications provided by the Client shall remain confidential to that Client. Similarly, proposals provided by Vision One Research, when Vision One Research receives neither the commission nor payment for those proposals, remain the copyright property of Vision One Research and their contents shall not be revealed to any third party.
  6. The market research techniques used on a project are the property of Vision One Research unless a specific agreement is made to the contrary.
  7. Reports and other documents relating to the project provided by Vision One Research are for use within the Client Company or its associated companies. If the Client intends a wider circulation of the results of a study, either in whole or in part, Vision One Research must be informed and is entitled to refuse permission for its name to be quoted in connection with the study until it has approved the exact form and contents of the publication or circulation.
  8. The latest quotation of cost will be regarded as the agreed fee. Standard invoicing is one-half on commissioning and one-half on completion of the project (normally the presentation or report issue). Invoicing for International and/or new clients is 100% on commissioning at the discretion of Vision One Research.
  9. For multi-phased or projects with an estimated duration of more than 8 weeks an invoicing schedule will be provided.  This will normally be 40% on commissioning, 40% during the project and 20% on completion of the project (normally the presentation or report issue).
  10. An invoicing schedule for continuous and annual projects will be provided at the time of commissioning.
  11. Payments are due within 14 days of the invoice date. Late payments will incur a charge of 5% per month. Payment terms beyond 14 days are subject to the following increase in fees:
    • 15-to-30-day terms: 2.5% increase in fees
    • 31-to-45-day terms: 5% increase in fees
    • 46-to-75-day terms: 10% increase in fees
    • 76+ day terms: 25% increase in fees
  12. Estimates are valid for 2 months from date of issue, and, unless otherwise stated, assume the commencement of fieldwork within one month of commissioning. Should either period be exceeded, for any reason, Vision One Research reserves the right to re-quote.
  13. All quotations are exclusive of Value Added Tax, which will be charged where appropriate.
  14. Project fees are exclusive of incidental expenses not outlined in the proposal (which will be charged to the Client at cost plus a 15% handling charge, subject to prior written approval from the Client).
  15. Visits to Clients and consultation beyond the normal project remit will be charged to the Client on a pro rata basis at the discretion of Vision One Research.
  16. Vision One Research cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by weather, transport difficulties or other circumstances beyond its control.
  17. In the event of a project being postponed or cancelled after commissioning, cancellation fees will be charged at the following rates:
    • up to 10 working days prior to fieldwork commencing: 50% of full project fees
    • less than 10 working days prior to fieldwork commencing: 75% of full project fees
    • after commencement of fieldwork: 100% of project fees
    • continuous and annual projects are subject to a written six-month period of notice of intention to postpone or cancel the project, after which no further fees will be charged
  18. Vision One Research reserves the right to use sub-contractors where necessary and undertakes to bind them by these Terms of Business.
  19. Acceptance by the Client of Vision One Research’s proposal and quotation is deemed to include acceptance of Vision One Research’s Terms of Business.
  20. The contract will be subject to English Law and Jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  21. Vision One shall provide the services set out in the proposal with all due care, skill and ability, in accordance with good industry practice, and in compliance with all applicable laws.