Implicit Reaction Time Testing (iREACT)

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Implicit Reaction Time Testing (iREACT)

System One Thinking and Implicit Reaction Time

Vision One’s neuro-insight tools include Implicit Reaction Time testing (iREACT) – a fascinating technique that we use to understand the unconscious mind derived from the Implicit Association Test (IAT).

Implicit Association Test (IAT).

Many of our thoughts, ideas and beliefs are often formed when we are not consciously aware of their impact, or during times when we are not prepared to admit their impact on us. This is where neuroscience and our neuromarketing research techniques come to the fore – inspiring Vision One’s innovative Implicit Reaction Time testing tool, iREACT.

Based on Daniel Kahneman’s System 1 thinking, Implicit Reaction Time testing measures differences in reaction time and uses the results as an indication of ‘strength of association’. Research shows a strong relationship between the speed of response and how closely or strongly associated a concept is with an item - such as a brand, advertising or an idea.

At Vision One, we use iREACT to measure the unconscious Commitment and Confidence of responses to a range of stimuli and questions. In essence, do consumers truly associate key attributes to your communications or brand (i.e. exhibiting a fast response)?  Or, are they simply paying “lip service” to it by showing a slower response?  It’s a fascinating area that can be hugely revealing.

Implicit reaction time testing can be incorporated into a range of research methods, including Face-to-Face interviews and Hall tests, or embedded into any online surveys - without the need for any additional equipment or hardware. Keen to find out more about this captivating area of research?  We really enjoyed reading this Blog by Gemma Calvert.

Advantages of iREACT

  • It captures subconscious responses online (or on a mobile device)
  • It does not require any complex equipment (e.g. electrode caps, MRI scanners)
  • It can be turned around quickly
  • It is highly scalable (via online methodologies)
  • It is cost-effective

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