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It’s a worrying statistic that many companies lose over 45% of their customers every five years. But just a 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase profits by up to 85%, depending on your industry. Understanding who those customers are and how they feel is vital for improving customer satisfaction and growing your brand.

Vision One Research are Customer Satisfaction Research survey expert and specialises in the measurement and analysis of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction surveys. We help companies to measure and track key performance measures and uncover the key drivers of satisfaction.

Conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey (cSAT) allows you to really understand what’s going on. Just how satisfied are your customers with your product or service? How do they really feel? What was their brand experience really like? Conduct regular cSATs and you can use customer rating scales to measure changes over time, giving you a deeper understanding of their needs and whether their expectations are being met – or not.


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Customer Satisfaction survey methods

There are several ways to explore and measure customer satisfaction:

Net Promotor Score NPS Vision One
Net Promoter Score

Firstly, this is the most popular measurement of your customer’s perception of your company, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based on a scale between 0-10.

Customer Satisfaction Vision One
Customer Satisfaction

Often used on a product or service level rating, measurements are based on a scale of how satisfied they are with the product or service they’ve purchased (from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied).

Customer Effort Score Vision One
Customer Effort Score

Finally, this metric is designed to be used after a task has been completed and is prompted within their interaction, normally asking “how easy did you find our checkout service?”

Whether your customers are shoppers, travellers, business clients, tenants, online bankers or customers in a restaurant, our tailor-made, ad-hoc and continuous satisfaction research projects are designed to help you understand your customers’ attitudes, purchasing journey, brand experience and needs. Unlike many other survey companies, we use a wide range of survey research methods and can combine a number of techniques to perfectly tailor our approach to your needs.

Need a quick turnaround? We appreciate that sometimes you might need a more agile, leaner approach. In short, our method can be adapted to perfectly fit your timeline. Without compromising on accuracy or results.

The timing of your survey is important. Whether the type of product or service you provide or the number of customers you serve and the frequency of purchases and interactions are all relevant in determining your timeline.

What is key is to be fresh in your customer’s minds. it’s the best way to capture how they really felt and provides a more honest answer. Restaurants and in-store shops, for example, can glean instant feedback by asking customers to click on a customer satisfaction survey button directly after purchase. But you could have a product that has been bought for future use, and that requires a different approach.

We take all of this into account and work alongside you to explore the optimal time to release a survey.

Exploration: Qualitative telephone and face-to-face depths and Focus groups

Measurement surveys: Telephone, Mobile, Email & Online and IVR

Our Customer Satisfaction Team

Tony Lewis CEO Vision One
Tony Lewis

CEO, Author (MMRS, FCIM)

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Charlotte Baird

Head Of Qualitative

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Adam Lunt

Head of Client Development

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Evie Bradbury

Client Success Manager

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