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Eye-Tracking Research

Wondering how eye tracking research companies can impact your strategic decision-making?

Imagine being able to literally see things through your customers’ eyes – precisely as they see them. Just imagine being able to track what they look at first and what interests them enough to hold their gaze. 

Eye Tracking Research really does let you see through the eyes of your consumer. It’s revealing, perfect for communications and usability testing and gives you a far deeper insight into how they process communication, brands and packaging. It’s like pulling back the curtain – delving far beyond verbal responses to explore and understand the subconscious mind – and real customer behaviour.

Our state-of-the-art eye-tracking research solution iVision – is perfect for both static and mobile use.  Static PC-based eye-tracking is ideal for website, packaging and advertising evaluation, whilst our highly advanced, lightweight and portable mobile kits can accurately explore subconscious behaviour when shopping online – or out in the real world.

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Introduction to Eye Tracking Research

Eye-tracking doesn’t just accurately record where someone looks as they perform a task. It’s precise, clever and provides a goldmine of valuable insight. Exactly what did their eyes fixate on? What did they see first? How long did their eyes linger and what did they gloss over entirely or not see at all? It’s like tapping into their subconscious and exploring elements they’re not even aware of themselves.

iVision provides vital, game-changing information for brand and advertising communications and is ideal for exploring:

  • Shopping behaviour and store navigation – shopper research
  • Website design and Usability studies
  • Product or packaging research (what people see and read) – PackProbe
  • Digital, press and outdoor advertising & POS and how it attracts their attention – AdProbe

Keen to find out more? Visit our Youtube account for more examples.

Eye Tracking Vision One

Benefits Of Eye Tracking

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Understand precisely where your subjects are looking – and for how long – without needing to self report or guess

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Importantly, uncover subconscious behaviour to understand how consumers instinctively act

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Gain a practical understanding of what works and what doesn’t

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Generate a visual representation of how people behave and interact with their surroundings

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Understand areas that would be impossible to recall or quantify (like a customer recording their journey in a shop). So you can maximise the impact of their environment, what they see and what stimulus they are exposed to

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Identify redundant or disruptive visuals and design elements so you can streamline your product or service and maximise the effectiveness of communications

Inside the Mind of the Customer

At Vision One, we like to push the boundaries and provide a deeper level of strategic insight for our clients. That’s why we give you the option to combine our UK Eye-tracking research services with our other Neuromarketing research tools – like Face Emotion and EEG.

Our analysis and outputs are innovative, exciting and hugely revealing. Gaze plots show the order in which people interact with your packaging or communication. Heat Maps and Opacity Maps highlight the key areas which are seen and fixated upon. It’s a combination that provides unparalleled insight.

To us, eye-tracking is the perfect tool to record dynamic content, such as TV advertising, films, games and website usability testing. Take a look at our example below – it shows the heat maps for Domino’s Pizza advertising executions. The heat map brilliantly highlights the focus of attention.


Types of Eye-Tracking Research

Eye Tracking is versatile and highly effective, so you’ll find there’s an approach that perfectly fits your needs:

Screed Based Vision One
Stationary Eye-tracking

These are high quality stand-alone, research grade devices for pinpoint accuracy.

VR Headset Vision One
Mobile Eye-tracking

These mobile eye-tracking glasses (or headsets) have built-in integrated eye-tracking and sound recording.

Webcam Vision One
Online Eye-tracking

Survey software utilised the built in camera allowing large sample data collection around the globe. 

Vision One is one of the Top Eye Tracking Companies, leading the way in eye tracking for over 20 years; designed to understand human attention and intent through technology that allows you to understand consumer behaviours at a deeper subconscious level and uncover how they truly engage with your brand and marketing.

Our eye-tracking company specialists use the latest and highest-graded eye-tracking products, software platforms and solutions to quickly and easily obtain and analyse data that can shape the decision-making processes for customer purchasing and shopping behaviours.

Eye tracking research allows brands to get closer to real behaviours across the world across a range of disciplines, such as; creative testing, print-to-TV advertising and media research, website user journey experiences and packaging research and testing. The key points that we are trying to look out for are what areas attract the most attention in the fastest time, what people notice and what goes unattended. The first place people look is often a big clue to how what is attracting their attention, but it is also important to see where their eyes go from there. If you’re on the lookout for eye-tracking companies why not drop us a line today?


If you are curious to know more about how we could work together, or how our insights can grow your business, then please give call us on 0203 693 3150 or use the contact button below.


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